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27 May
2022 Map Reset
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The MCDrugs 2022-2023 map is finally here! The wait was a bit longer than normal, but it is worth it. This post will go into detail about some of the major changes we've made this map, but a quicker and less-detailed full list of what's new and improved can be found on the map reset changelog.

The new map will open when this post is one hour old. To get into the new map, join our IP You should be on version 1.18.2 for the best experience.

First, I'd like to thank everyone who helped plan, build, and test the new map. It's been a lot of work, and wouldn't have been possible without all the people who put in the time and effort - every bit of help was greatly appreciated.

The New Spawn

We've taken a completely unique approach with this year's spawn map. The Spawn...
16 Apr
News MCDrugs 2022 Reset Announcement
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The 2022 MCDrugs reset will be on Friday, May 27th! It's a couple weeks later than usual, but we promise that it will be worth the wait. The 2022-2023 map will be running version 1.18.

2022 Map Reset
  • On May 27th, we'll be resetting the server and transitioning to a new map. This means a new spawn world and fresh wild, Farm-A, and Farm-M worlds.
  • All player progress on the current map will be reset (but it is still worthwhile to continue playing this map, keep reading below!) This means everything, including ranks, money, mcMMO skills, etc.
  • Store ranks, MCDrugs Premium, and nicknames will be carried over to the next map. This includes temporary ranks purchased from /bshop. The rank transfer system will open a couple weeks before the reset so that everyone gets their...
27 Nov
2021 Winter Festivities
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The Holiday season is here, which means we're bringing back our annual winter festivities!

Along with our classic Holiday Present Hunt and Gift Exchange, we are also launching the Winter DrugPass, which will stick around until the end of February!

Winter DrugPass
The Winter DrugPass is live! Use /drugpass in-game to access it. This year's Winter DrugPass will run for three months, and end on February 28, 2022.

DrugPass is a battle-pass tiered reward system. Complete DrugPass quests in-game to level up your DrugPass and earn rewards. Every player gets free access to the basic pass, which grants access to 50 of the 150 tier rewards. Upgrade to the Premium DrugPass ( and receive a premium reward for every level that doesn't have a basic reward. If you've already up your DrugPass, upgrading to premium will allow you to claim...
17 Jul
The Pit 3.0
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After a long wait, the third version of The Pit is ready!

The wait was longer than expected, but we hope it will be worth it - The Pit 3.0 is launching today. This Pit is the biggest and most feature-rich yet. Even though it's launching in a complete state, we have plans on actively improving it with new mobs, bosses, and map expansions!

This post will outline the changes and additions since The Pit 2.0 from the previous map. If you've never been in The Pit, it would be best to read the wiki page on The Pit for a general outline on what it is, and how it works.

New Map​

The new Pit is a new Pit. We've built an entirely new map, consisting of four "levels", and nine distinct areas. Each area has its own theme, with a few themes being reminiscient of areas in previous Pit maps.

With this Pit, we really wanted to...
14 May
MCDrugs 2021 Reset
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The 2021 MCDrugs reset is here!

Before getting into what's new, I'd like to thank the MCDrugs staff team for all of the time and effort they put into building, testing, and preparing the new map. The new Spawn is by far our most detailed and extensive yet. Our helpers, moderators, and admins put hundreds of hours of work into getting everything ready for you to enjoy. There were too many people working on the spawn to thank them individually, but if any deserve it, it's Hrby, who created the terrain that the rest of the spawn is built on, as well as many buildings and quite a few easter eggs, which we're excited for players to explore, and Diego, who built many of the buildings around spawn. Building a new spawn world each year is the bulk of the work to get the reset ready, and our spawns would not be what they are without this help.

The Complete Changelog​

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