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17 Jul
The Pit 3.0
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After a long wait, the third version of The Pit is ready!

The wait was longer than expected, but we hope it will be worth it - The Pit 3.0 is launching today. This Pit is the biggest and most feature-rich yet. Even though it's launching in a complete state, we have plans on actively improving it with new mobs, bosses, and map expansions!

This post will outline the changes and additions since The Pit 2.0 from the previous map. If you've never been in The Pit, it would be best to read the wiki page on The Pit for a general outline on what it is, and how it works.

New Map​

The new Pit is a new Pit. We've built an entirely new map, consisting of four "levels", and nine distinct areas. Each area has its own theme, with a few themes being reminiscient of areas in previous Pit maps.

With this Pit, we really wanted to...
14 May
MCDrugs 2021 Reset
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The 2021 MCDrugs reset is here!

Before getting into what's new, I'd like to thank the MCDrugs staff team for all of the time and effort they put into building, testing, and preparing the new map. The new Spawn is by far our most detailed and extensive yet. Our helpers, moderators, and admins put hundreds of hours of work into getting everything ready for you to enjoy. There were too many people working on the spawn to thank them individually, but if any deserve it, it's Hrby, who created the terrain that the rest of the spawn is built on, as well as many buildings and quite a few easter eggs, which we're excited for players to explore, and Diego, who built many of the buildings around spawn. Building a new spawn world each year is the bulk of the work to get the reset ready, and our spawns would not be what they are without this help.

The Complete Changelog​

This post is...

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