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Content Update - June 3rd


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It's been one week since the reset, and we hope everyone has been enjoying the new map. As promised, some changes are coming into effect today.

The Pit

The Pit is back! The Pit is a custom PvE experience - fight monsters, mini-bosses, and bosses to earn Boss Souls, an exclusive currency that can be used in /bshop to buy gear, crate keys, temporary access to store ranks, and more. Enter The Pit with /pit.

Nothing is new in the Pit yet, but keep an eye out for new Pit content later this summer.

June Voting Event

We'll be running another voting event this month, similar to the May voting event. Everyone who votes at least 140 times will earn their name in the Events section of the Museum, and an exclusive gradient voter tag, which is only available from this event.

Grace Period Over

The one-week grace period that came along with the new map has ended. TNT and creeper explosions are now enabled in Faction land in Farm-A and Wild.

2.0x Boosters

2.0x drug price boosters are now available on our store. This includes both all-drug and choice boosters.

Drug Orders

Along with today's drug price balance, the first drug orders have begun. The prices of Cocoa Beans and Melon Seeds have been boosted until enough are sold (10% and 15%, respectively)

Spawner Crate

Spawner Crate keys are now available from our store, and in /vshop and /bshop. This map's Spawner Crate includes 9 upgradable spawners, including the exceedingly rare *Creeper Spawner* and very rare *Witch Spawner*.

Upgrade your creeper spawner's creeper type to either Glow Creepers or Dust Creepers to get much higher TNT drop-rates. We'll be adding some new type tree upgrades to other kinds of spawners soon.

Founder Bundles

There's only one week left to get the 2022 Founder bundles! The Gold Founder Bundle includes your NPC in Spawn, a dogfight dog named after you, a chat reaction with your name, crate keys, an exclusive tag, and more! Get the Founder Bundle on our store.

Thanks to everyone who has been playing and supporting the server so far this map. There's a ton of changes and new content planned for the next few months, and we hope to be able to release substantial new content every 1-2 weeks. We'll be releasing more info soon about what's coming next, including the Summer DrugPass. Until then, we'll be working consistently on fixing bugs and other issues, so make sure to report any problems you find in #support-chat or open a bug report ticket in #open-a-ticket in our Discord.
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