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Mule Shop & Mule Week


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Today we're launching the Mule Shop, an easy way for players running mule jobs to access tools and abilities to help them make it to the dealer. Along with this addition, July 12-18 is Mule Week! Along with rewards for supplying and muling drugs, prestige progress is boosted by 10% for all mules and suppliers! Keep reading for more info.


Mule Shop

The Mule Shop can be opened while on a mule job and in the Spawn building with /mule shop. The shop allows mules quick access to potion effects, including Speed, Invisiblity, Jump Boost, and Resistance. These potion effects are mostly under one minute in length, so they're not useful more much more than a single run. Along with potion effects, a temporary Muling Mount can be purchased, which lasts for one run, despawning when the player dismounts or teleports.

The prices of all mule shop items are subject to change, and we'll be keeping a close eye on how the mule shop is used so that it does not undermine the existing market for player-sold potions or substantially lower the value of mount renting.

Mule Week

Many players enjoyed Fishing Week, so the next weekly event is Muling Week! Create and run mule jobs from now until the end of July 18 for additional prestige progress, money, and more! Similar to Fishing Week, Mule Week includes daily and weekly leaderboards, as well as community goals.

Prestige Progress Boost

During Mule Week, all prestige progress earned through posting or running mule jobs will be boosted by 10%!

Mule and Supplier Leaderboards

There are two leaderboards: the mule leaderboard, for the top mule job runners, and the supplier leaderboard, for the top mule job creators. At the end of each day, the top three players of each leaderbaord will be rewarded $125,000.

At the end of the week, the top three players of each leaderboard will be rewarded $1,000,000 and an exclusive tag each (different tags for mules and suppliers). Players can claim rewards in both categories (you can be a top mule and top supplier). The top 10 mules and suppliers will also earn an exclusive tag and $100,000.

The leaderboards can be viewed in-game with /mw top <mule/supplier> <day/week> [<page>]. The command now works in all worlds.

Mule Community Goals

Every drug muled progressese the community goal. When the goal is reached, a community-wide reward is drawn. Exclusive to Mule Week, the community goal rewards include bonus mule jobs, up to 25 server-created mule jobs containing full inventories of drug combos.

You can see the progress towards the goal in-game with /mw goal.

Mule Jackpot

Along with earning the money from completing the job, mules will now get a chance to win the Mule Jackpot with every job completed.

A small amount of money is added to the Mule Jackpot for every job completed, and completing a job gives the mule a chance to win all of the money currently in the jackpot.

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