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Weekly Leaderboard & Supply Crate III


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Today we're launching the Weekly Leaderboard, a system that keeps track of the number of drugs sold and players arrested. It rewards the top three on each leaderboard every week with store credit, in-game money, an exclusive tag, and exclusive leaderboard stars. Check out the leaderboard in-game with /lb.


The Weekly Leaderboard

The new leaderboard features two categories: drug and police. The drug leaderboard tracks all drugs sold (including through mule jobs, where the amount is split 50/50 between the mule and supplier). The police leaderboard tracks the number of players arrested by each cop. View the leaderboard from any world with /lb.

At the end of each leaderboard week (Wednesdays at 6PM EST) the top three players in both of the drug and police leaderboards earn rewards. The rewards include store credit (in the form of points), in-game money, leaderboard stars, and access to the exclusive dynamic leaderboard stars chat tag.

Leaderboard stars are a count of how many times a player has finished in the top three spots of the weekly leaderboard. Finishing in first place rewards three stars, second place two stars, and third place one star. The dynamic leaderboard stars chat tag shows the player's star count, with the colour changing the more stars they have. Stars (currently) have no further use beyond working as bragging rights to the players who earn them. Exclusive rewards at certain star counts, such as access to restricted abilities and areas, is planned for the future.

Each category has a weekly leaderboard, an all-time leaderboard, and a stars leaderboard. The weekly leaderboard is where you can see which players are in the top three spots for the current week, and this leaderboard resets every week. Hover over a player's head to see their current leaderboard value, and if they're in the top three you can also see which rewards they are set to win. The all-time leaderboard shows the total number of drugs sold or players arrested over all weeks. The stars leaderboard shows which players have the most stars, including a count of how many times they have come in first-, second-, and third-place.


Supply Crate III

The Supply Crate III is now available! It includes the Exceedingly Rare Smuggler Stew, as well as a return of a favourite, the Lava Walkers. You can get keys for the crate from our store, or earn them in-game through /vshop and /bshop.

With the launch of a third supply crate, we plan to phase-out the the first supply crate. Keys for the Supply Crate I will only be available on the store for a few more days.

Base-Building Improvements

We recently made some changes to make claimed Faction base-building cheaper and easier:
- Vertical lava source gen buckets have been added to /shop
- The price of chunk busters has been reduced by 25% (now $337,500 for one chunk, $2,700,000 for 3x3)
- Chunk busters will now bust to y=-32 (previously went to y=0)

1v1 PvP Tournament

We will be hosting a second 1v1 PvP Tournament this Saturday after the drop party (around 7:30 PM EST). The event will be drop-in, so no sign-up is required, just be on the server around 7PM EST and we'll give instructions on how to join the tournament. The format of this tournament will be double-elimination, giving each player the chance to fight at least twice.

Each of the players that come in first, second, and third place will earn their heads in the museum, exclusive leggings, and $1,250,000, $600,000, and $250,000, respectively. The champions will also win an exclusive chat tag.

Everyone who participates in the tournament will also earn $100,000 and an exclusive chat tag each.

Reminder that this event is meant for MCDrugs community members only. We kindly ask that you do not invite players from other servers, as they will not be allowed into the tournament
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