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Mines Gambling Game & Progress Week


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Today we're launching a new gambling game: Mines. You can play it in any world with /mines. Read below for more info. We'll also be running a bonus progress week - from now until Tuesday, August 30th at 2:00PM EST, earn 25% bonus prestige progress for selling/muling drugs and frisking players!



Mines is a new Minesweeper-like gambling game. There are 25 spaces on the board, and hidden under each space is either a safe star or a deadly mine. You get to choose how many mines are on the board when you place your wager, and a higher mine number means more risk but more reward. As you click board spaces to reveal what lies beneath, your payout increases with the more safe stars you uncover. After each choice you may choose to cash out, or continue for even more payout at the risk of hitting a mine and losing it all.

You can play Mines from Spawn, Wild, Farm-A, and Farm-M with /mines.

Bonus Progress Week

Prestige progress is boosted until Tuesday, August 30th at 2:00PM EST. You'll earn 25% extra prestige progress on every drug sold, muled, and supplied, and 25% extra contraband towards police prestige progress when frisking a player.

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