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Casino Update - Blackjack


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Blackjack is now available, and can be played in any world! Play with /bj [<wager>]. Along with Blackjack, a few minor additions and improvements have been made to the casino.



Blackjack is a simple card game, played against the dealer. Place a wager with /bj <wager> to be dealt two cards, and choose to hit or stand with the goal of getting as close to 21 as you can without busting. Beat the dealer and get double your money. Our Blackjack features doubling-down, the ability to double your wager after your initial two cards are dealt, but you'll only receive one more card before being forced to stand.

Blackjack is the first casino game to feature a leaderboard! The leaderboard for players who have profited most from Blackjack can be seen in-game with /bj top [<page>]. Other casino games will also have leaderboards soon.

Global Lottery

Along with a colour palette overhaul, the lottery can now be played from any of the main worlds (Spawn, Wild, Farm-A, and Farm-M). Use /lot buy <1-100> to buy lottery tickets while in any of these worlds.

Global Casino Loyalty & Loyalty Leaderboard

As casino games become playable in worlds outside of spawn, Casino Loyalty points can now be earned in Wild, Farm-A, and Farm-M. You can now use the /casino from these worlds to see your loyalty tier information.

There is now a casino leaderboard, which can be viewed with /casino top in-game. It shows only the order of players from most to least loyalty points, hiding their actual point balance.

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