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Gambling Week


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July 29 to August 5 is Gambling Week! Participate by gambling to earn casino loyalty points. Gamble to earn loyalty points and put yourself on the Gambling Week leaderboard (/gw top) for daily and weekly rewards, earn 50% more loyalty points, get a chance at winning the Gambling Week Jackpot, and progress the Gambling Week Community Goal!

Gambling Week

Earn casino loyalty points through gambling from now until the end of August 5th for additional casino loyalty points, money, and more! Similar to Fishing and Mule Week, Gambling Week includes daily and weekly leaderboards, as well as community goals.

Casino Loyalty Points Boost

For the duration of Gambling Week, all casino loyalty points earned are boosted by 50%!

Gambling Leaderboards

All casino loyalty points earned are tracked for the Gambling Week leaderboard. At the end of each day, the top three players gamblers will be rewarded $350,000.

At the end of the week, the top three gamblers overall will be rewarded $1,000,000, an exclusive item, and an exclusive tag each. The top 10 gamblers will also earn an exclusive tag and $200,000.

The leaderboards can be viewed in-game with /gw top <day/week> [<page>].

Gambling Community Goals

Every casino point earned progresses the community goal. When the goal is reached, a community-wide reward is drawn. You can see the progress towards the goal in-game with /gw goal.

Gambling Jackpot

You will now get a chance to win the Gambling Jackpot every time you earn casino loyalty points.

A small amount of money is added to the Gambling Jackpot for every casino loyalty point earned, and earning points gives a chance to win all of the money currently in the jackpot.

Cross-World Jackpot

The Jackpot gambling game (/jp) is now cross-world! This means you can play it from Spawn, Wild, Farm-A, and Farm-M. We are working on making all gambling games cross-world, hopefully by the end of August.

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