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Fishing Week


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July 1-8 is Fishing Week! Earn exclusive rewards for fishing in the Spawn world during the week, and contribute to the global fishing goal for server-wide rewards, including 2.25x all drug boosters!

Fishing Leaderboard & Rewards

Starting today, all fish caught in the Spawn world will be tracked for the Fishing Week leaderboard, which tracks the top fishers of each day, and of the week. View the leaderboard in Spawn with /fw top <day/week>.

At the end of each day, the three players at the top of the daily leaderboard will win $300,000 each.

At the end of the week, the three players at the top of the weekly leaderboard will win an exclusive rod, exclusive chat tag, and $1,000,000

The top twenty-five players of the week will also earn an exclusive chat tag and $100,000.

Community Rewards

Along with individual progress, every fish caught will progress the Fishing Week community event goal. For every 5,000 fish that are caught in spawn during the event, a server-wide reward will be drawn, including all drug boosters ranging from 1.75x-2.25x, Pit time, vote boosters, and more.

Double mcMMO Fishing EXP

All mcMMO fishing EXP is doubled for the entire week!

To level the playing field for players with lower mcMMO fishing levels, we've disabled the reduction in fishing wait times that mcMMO applies at higher fishing levels. This only applies in the Spawn world.

15% Fish Selling Boost

All fish and sushi selling prices at Chuck, Thaddeus, and Hiruko are boosted by 15% for the entire week!

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