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The Pit 3.0


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After a long wait, the third version of The Pit is ready!

The wait was longer than expected, but we hope it will be worth it - The Pit 3.0 is launching today. This Pit is the biggest and most feature-rich yet. Even though it's launching in a complete state, we have plans on actively improving it with new mobs, bosses, and map expansions!

This post will outline the changes and additions since The Pit 2.0 from the previous map. If you've never been in The Pit, it would be best to read the wiki page on The Pit for a general outline on what it is, and how it works.

New Map​

The new Pit is a new Pit. We've built an entirely new map, consisting of four "levels", and nine distinct areas. Each area has its own theme, with a few themes being reminiscient of areas in previous Pit maps.

With this Pit, we really wanted to emphasize the theme of it being a pit, and the idea of having difficulty increase as you physically venture deeper into The Pit. Instead of the confusing layout of the previous Pit, the landscape of The Pit 3.0 progresses linearly - simply walking forward from the spawn point will eventually lead you into The Void, the deepest and most deadly part of The Pit. This path will bring you through some of the distinct areas of The Pit. Other areas are to the left or right of this path, making them easy to access. Like the previous Pit, there are shortcut portals to the first two levels.

The Surface​

The Surface is very similar to the previous Pit. This area is always open, and is mostly for practice, or grinding. The mobs here very rarely drop Boss Soul Fragments. The Swamp is back, with overhauled mobs from The Surface of the last Pit. The Training Ground was also added, where players can practice against "Training Dummy" mobs that don't move, which can be useful for learning melee skills such as critting and strafing.

The Depths​

The Depths is equivalent to The Canyon of the previous Pit, and is the first real level of The Pit. The Pit must be opened in order to access this area and each area beyond it. It contains three distinct areas: The Badlands, The Fjord, and The Citadel. Each area has its own distinct mobs, mini-bosses, and boss.

Bosses in The Depths are relatively easy, and will reward 1.5 Boss Souls upon death, and spread an additional 8 Boss Soul Fragments. You will keep your inventory upon dying in The Depths.

The Abyss​

The Abyss is equivalent to the non-PvP Chasm of the previous Pit. Here, mobs and mini-bosses become much stronger, and bosses are a much realer threat. The Abyss consists of three distinct areas: The Hearth, The Gate, and The Den.

Bosses in The Abyss will reward 3.0 Boss Souls upon death, and spread an additional 16 Boss Soul Fragments. Upon death in The Abyss, your items will enter the Soul Vault, and you must pay one Boss Soul to retrieve them.

The Void​

The Void is equivalent to the PvP Chasm of the previousPit. Unlike the previous Pit, this PvP area is completely unique from other areas, and contains unique mini-bosses and bosses. There are no mobs here; mini-bosses spawn from spawners. There are three bosses here: Famine, Void Golem, and Void Psycho. Each boss has a corresponding "Void Elemental" mini-boss.

Bosses in The Void will reward 5.0 Boss Souls upon death, and spread an additional 32 Boss Soul Fragments. Upon death in The Void, your items will drop on the ground.

Boss Soul Shop​

Along with a more intuitive layout, the Boss Soul Shop now offers a few more items that will assist you in The Pit. Potions, golden apples, and more armour options are now available. Pit Elixirs have also returned, concoctions of multiple potion effects in a single potion, which can be very useful for saving inventory space.

The Forge​

The Forge has been improved in The Pit 3.0. Each of the nine bosses now has its own unique item in The Forge. These items grant abilities that mimic those of the boss. Unlike the previous Pit, these items are now unbreakable.

Along with new Forge items, the components for these items can now be scrapped in The Forge, rewarding one Boss Soul Fragment for every two components.

The Soul Vault​

Upon death in The Abyss, your items will enter the Soul Vault. They will remain in the Soul Vault until they expire (after one hour), or you die in The Abyss again, and your items are overwritten. To retrieve your items from the Soul Vault, you must pay one Boss Soul. If your items expire or are overwritten, they are lost forever to the Soul Loot. This is the set of all expired and lost Soul Vault items. When any mob is killed, there is a 1% chance to drop a random items from the Soul Loot.

Other Changes and Additions​

- Mobs, mini-bosses, and bosses still have a chance to repair your gear, but now only your active armour and weapon will be repaired, and by a small amount instead of fully.
- Boss abilities will become more frequent as their health decreases, so boss fights will become more difficult towards the end.
- Notifications that mini-bosses and bosses are about to spawn or have spawned are now only sent to players that are in that area, and are no longer sent to everyone in The Pit.
- Improved how sponsoring The Pit works: There is now a sponsor queue, so if you sponsor The Pit while it is already sponsored by another player, you will become the sponsor and recevie the tips once the other player's sponsored time ends.

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