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Pit Week


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August 14th to 22nd is Pit Week! Participate by killing mobs, mini-bosses, and bosses in The Pit (/pit) to earn Pit points and put yourself on the Pit Week leaderboard (/pw top) for daily and weekly rewards, earn more Boss Souls and Fragments, get a chance at winning the Pit Week Jackpot, and progress the Pit Week Community Goal!

Pit Week

Earn Pit points by killing enemies in The Pit (/pit) from now until 2PM EST on August 22 for additional Boss Souls, money, and more!

Pit Time and Boss Soul Boost

For the duration of Pit Week, all Boss Soul and Boss Soul Fragment drops from bosses are increased by 20%! Additionally, all Pit sponsor time that is activated during Pit Week will be multiplied by 1.25x (so a 20 minute Pit sponsor time book will activate 25 minutes of Pit time, etc.)


Pit Leaderboards

Earn Pit points by killing enemies in The Pit. The amount of Pit points you earn depends on the health and attack strength of the enemy. At the end of each day, the top three pit fighters will be rewarded $350,000.

At the end of the week, the top three pit fighters overall will be rewarded $1,300,000, an exclusive item, and an exclusive tag each. The top ten will also earn an exclusive item, tag, and $200,000 each.

The leaderboards can be viewed in-game with /pw top.

Pit Community Goals

Every Pit point earned progresses the community goal. When the goal is reached, a community-wide reward is drawn. You can see the progress towards the goal in-game with /pw goal.

Pit Week Jackpot

You will get a chance to win the Pit Week Jackpot every time you earn Pit points.

A small amount of money is added to the Pit Week Jackpot for every Pit point earned, and earning points gives a chance to win all of the money currently in the jackpot.
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