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Summer DrugPass Update


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Summer is only a few days away, and that means it's time for the Summer DrugPass and Summer Crate Key, as well as some other new content.


Summer DrugPass

The Summer DrugPass is live! Use /drugpass in-game to access it. The Summer DrugPass will run until the end of Summer (September 22).

DrugPass is a battle-pass tiered reward system. Complete DrugPass quests in-game to level up your DrugPass and earn rewards. Every player gets free access to the basic pass, which grants access to 50 of the 150 tier rewards. Upgrade to the Premium DrugPass and receive a premium reward for every level that doesn't have a basic reward. If you've already up your DrugPass, upgrading to premium will allow you to claim all of the Premium rewards up to your current level.

With this iteration of the DrugPass, we are introducing the DrugPass Shop, a system that allows you to choose your rewards. DrugPass Shop Credits are rewarded for many tiers throughout the DrugPass, and can be spent in the shop (/drugpass shop) on a variety of items. New shop items are unlocked as you tier-up your DrugPass.

Don't forget to claim your free 150 DrugPass EXP to get a head start!


Summer Crate

The Summer Crate is now available at Spawn and /warp crates. Get keys from our store, /vshop, and /bshop. This year's Summer Crate features a few favourites from previous years, as well as new items such as the Exceedingly Rare Smuggler Speedo, Very Rare Molten Mace, and Uncommon Beach Umbrella.


Custom Particles

We've completely revamped the cosmetic particle system. Each particle effect can now be personalized, including your choice of particle, effect/pattern, and colour (when applicable). These new effects are available to VIP, VIP+, MVP, MVP+, and MVP++ ranks, with each rank having access to more particles and effects. Higher ranks can also enable multiple particle effects at once.

Along with particle effects that follow your player, there is now also particle effects that are created when fishing, hitting players, taking damage, teleporting, breaking blocks, placing blocks, and shooting a bow.

If you have a store rank, start building your own custom particle effects with the /particles command in-game. If you don't want to see other players' particle effects, use /particles toggle.


Country Chat Tags & Pride Tag

You'll notice some improvements to the country tags, as well as some new country tags in the chat. Each existing country chat tag has been updated with improved colours, more accurate to the flag of the country. Ten new tags for highly-requested countries have been added (Ukraine, South Korea, Italy, Turkey, Iceland, Philippines, Vietnam, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan).

Along with the new and improved country chat tags, we've added the Pride tag. All of these tags can be purchased from the Tag Shop (/tshop). Get Tag Credits on our store.

Mule Reputation Bonus

To reward high-reputation mules, mules now get a drug selling bonus of 1% for every 1,000 reputation they have, up to 10% at 10,000 repuation. This bonus applies only while running mule jobs.

This is the first of many upcoming improvements to the muling system, focusing on rewards for reputation and muling stats. We'll be releasing more mule rewards in the near future.


Weekly Raffle GUI

The weekly raffle has been improved with the addition of a GUI. Using the /raffle command will now open this GUI. You can now enter tickets into each prize by simply clicking on that prize in the GUI. You can still enter the old way with the command, if you prefer. This should help clear up the common confusion with using raffle tickets.

Rule Changes

We've made a few changes/additions to the rules recently. Some of these were already announced in the Discord.
  • The insiding rules now apply to unclaimed Faction bases instead of only claimed ones.
  • Farms using flying machines must have the flying machine stop for at least two minutes after each cycle (roughly 4.5 stacks of items in a hopper clock).
  • Police are no longer allowed to farm/harvest the natural chorus fruit in The End.
  • Fake/trick teleport requests are no longer allowed (sending teleport requests in such a way that the receiver accepts the request that they did not intend to).

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