Frequently Asked Questions

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The best way to get started on MCLabs is going through the Getting Started page and reading everything carefully. Aside from that, please find a variety of frequently asked questions with the correct answers below.

Questions & Answers


Q: How do I access the Discord?

A: You can join our Discord by using this link:

Q: What is the world border?

A: The current world border size can be checked in-game with the /border command.

Q: Is there a custom resource pack?

A: Yes, type /tex in game to receive a link to the resource pack.

Q: How do I claim my rewards after voting?

A: Type /claimvotes in the Spawn world to claim your votes.

Q: How do I find various places in Spawn?

A: Type /map to view a full map of Spawn.

Q: Why should I rank up?

A: There are many advantages to ranking up and prestige. View Ranks to see all of the ranks and advantages/perks.


Q: How do I make a faction?

A: You can create a faction using /f create <faction name>.

Q: How do I claim and unclaim land?

A: You can claim land using /f claim, and unclaim using /f unclaim. View Factions for a list of all faction-related commands.

If you are ever unsure about rules or illegal farm designs and mods, please ask a staff member for clarification. You can view all of our listed rules by clicking Rules.