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The Factions aspect of MCLabs offers a side of the gameplay that is more productive using teamwork through creating or joining factions. The Factions plugin allows you to create your own group of up to 15 players, and claim your land to protect it. Factions are only available in the Faction world. Faction claims are great way to protect your land, just because you have a claim doesn't mean you are totally safe, players can use Creeper Eggs and TNT cannons to destroy your walls, or overclaim your land if you have more land than power. It is recommended that you get to the Engineer rank before going to Factions, but it is not required.

Faction Basics

General Information

Factions are only available in the Faction world. If you are leading a faction, make sure to set the abilities of different ranks in your faction with /f perm. The main commands are listed below, but you can view all of them with /f help as well.

Base Building & Defenses

Simply claiming land DOES NOT prevent any Raiding. The most defended bases can still get raided, but you can make it much harder for raiders to get inside. The standard base defenses involve cobblestone, obsidian, and/or sand and gravel walls. You can either water them or use lava between them to stop TNT from blowing them up easily.

Use the gen buckets in /shop to build walls quicker. These buckets will gen the block from the level you place it to sky limit.

Faction Rules

  • Faction Hopping: Faction hopping (broadly defined as “leaving or remaking a faction to avoid restrictions”) is not allowed.
  • Inappropriate Faction Names: Faction names must generally follow the same rules as chat and nicknames. If your faction name is vulgar, derogatory, racist, or references another player without their permission you will be asked to change it.
  • Faction Titles and Names: You may not use faction titles and or colour codes to obscure or fake the names of the people in your faction.

All server rules must also be followed. You can view those here: Rules.

Commands & Faction Power

Factions Commands

Here are the basic factions commands you need to know to get started:

  • Create a faction: /f create <faction name>.
  • Invite someone to your faction: /f invite <player>
  • Join a faction: /f join <faction name>
  • Claim land (by the chunk): /f claim <radius>
  • Set your faction home: /f sethome
  • Teleport to your faction home: /f home
  • Check Total faction power /f who <faction name>
  • Check personal power /f power

There's many more factions commands, too many to list here. To learn about them, you can read the official documentation.

Factions Power

The amount of land your faction can claim is limited by the power of your faction. Each player has their own amount of power, and the faction's power is the total power of every player in the faction. The number of chunks you can claim is limited by your faction's power.

Dying will lower your power, and you will have to wait for it to regenerate. This will lower your faction's current power. If your faction's power is lower than the number of chunks your faction has claimed, other factions will be able to steal your land.

Tip: Always keep your number of chunk claims lower than your total faction power, so that you can afford a few deaths without losing your land.

You can gain more personal factions power by ranking up - view Ranks to see how much power is unlocked, and at which ranks.