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The Companies aspect of MCLabs offers a side of the gameplay that is more productive using teamwork through creating or joining companies. The companies plugin allows you to create your own group of up to 15 players, and claim your land to protect it. Companies can only be used in the Underworld. Company claims are great way to protect your land and use company upgrades. There is no raiding or pvp in the Underworld.

Company Basics

General Information

Companies are available in the all worlds but can only be used in the Underworld. If you are leading a company, make sure to set the abilities of different ranks in your faction with /c perm. The main commands are listed below, but you can view all of them with /c help as well.

Company Rules

  • Company Hopping: Company hopping (broadly defined as “leaving or remaking a company to avoid restrictions”) is not allowed.
  • Inappropriate Company Names: Company names must generally follow the same rules as chat and nicknames. If your company name is vulgar, derogatory, racist, or references another player without their permission you will be asked to change it.
  • Company Titles and Names: You may not use faction titles and or color codes to obscure or fake the names of the people in your faction.

All server rules must also be followed. You can view those here: Rules.

Commands & Company Power

Company Commands

Here are the basic Company commands you need to know to get started:

  • Create a company: /c create <company name>.
  • Invite someone to your company: /c invite <player>
  • Join a company: /c join <faction name>
  • Claim land (by the chunk in a radius): /c claim <1-5>
  • Set your company home: /c sethome
  • Teleport to your company home: /c home
  • Check total company power /c who <company name>
  • Check personal power /c power
  • View the company's upkeep breakdown /c upkeep

There's many more company commands, too many to list here. To learn about them, you can read the official documentation.

Company Power

The amount of land your company can claim is limited by the power of your company. Each player has their own amount of power, and the company's power is the total power of every player in the company. The number of chunks you can claim is limited by your company's power.

You can gain more personal company power by ranking up - view Ranks to see how much power is unlocked, and at which ranks.