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Summer ChemPass


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The highly-anticipated Summer ChemPass is here! It will be active until the end of Summer, on September 23rd! Access it with /cpass in-game.


ChemPass is a battlepass-like tiered reward system. Sell chems, arrest players, and complete seasonal and daily ChemPass quests in-game to level up your ChemPass and earn rewards. Every player gets free access to the basic pass, which grants access to 50 of the 150 tier rewards. Upgrade to the Premium ChemPass (or get free ChemPass Premium access with an MCLabs Gold subcription!) and receive a premium reward for every tier that doesn't have a basic reward. If you've already tiered-up your ChemPass, upgrading to premium will allow you to claim all of the Premium rewards up to your current level.

Like the Winter ChemPass of last year, the Summer ChemPass features a leaderboard, sorting players by their tier. Players who have finished the ChemPass will also appear on the leaderboard, with their place sorted based on the order that they finished.

There are tons of rewards to earn by tiering-up your ChemPass, including the addition of store credit, booster fragments, and crate fragments. Along with pre-set rewards, you can earn ChemPass shop credits to spend on your choice of reward in /cpass shop.

Get started by claiming your free 15,000 ChemPass EXP!

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