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Some Changes to MCDrugs


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It is with much sadness that I make this post, as I wish I didn't have to: MCDrugs will be undergoing a major rebranding entirely to move away from the Drugs theme. In addition to this, many of the casino and gambling mechanics will be removed from the server.

This is a massive change, and one we would not make were we not being forced to in order to keep the server open. We promise that every change that the server will experience in the coming weeks will be only what is absolutely necessary.

These changes follow us being notified that the content and themes of MCDrugs, as it stands, violate the recent updates to Mojang's Brand Guidelines, Commercial Guidelines, and EULA, specifically for the following reasons:
  • All servers, entitlements, and advertising are suitable for children and minors (i.e., no gambling, pornography, etc.) and don’t harm the Brand.
  • Mojang does not condone the act of selling drugs to be hosted in our game. All references and aspects of selling drugs must be removed to be compliant.
  • Mojang does not condone gambling to be hosted in our game. All references and aspects of casinos and gambling must be removed to be compliant.
While it feels a bit unfair to be held to these requirements now, as the server has existed for far longer than the requirements were part of Mojang's terms, we ultimately have no power or say in the matter beyond changing the server to comply with these requirements. As such, we will be making the following changes to the server:
  • Going forward, the server will be tentatively known as MCD instead of MCDrugs. A possible new name is being considered.
  • We will carry out a complete cosmetic rebrand away from the "drugs" theme: all references to drugs, such as "drugs", "drug combos", "selling drugs", "drug farms", and other gameplay content that is not child-appropriate will be replaced with terms like "crops", "crop hybrids", "selling crops", "farms", etc. Please note that this rebrand is merely cosmetic - you'll still be able to grow crops, sell crops, create mule jobs, etc., it will just not be officially drug-themed.
  • Some rank titles, such as "DrugLord", "DrugCartel", "Drug Lord status", etc. will be renamed.
  • Many gambling games (Double, Blackjack, Slots, etc.) will be removed. We are currently speaking with Mojang regarding what types of RNG-based game mechanics are allowed so that we can keep or rebrand as many of the existing games, that players currently enjoy, as possible.
  • Any item names referencing alcohol (such as the drinks brewed by police) will be replaced with non-alcoholic beverages names.
I would like to stress that beyond the absence of some gambling games, these changes will in no way affect the gameplay of the server, the changes to drugs will be entirely cosmetic, mostly in the form of changing the word "drug(s)" to "crop(s)" and different name for raw drugs and drug combos.

It is our goal to keep as much of the server as possible unchanged, while completely complying with the specified requirements. We will carry out the changes as quickly as we can, in stages, throughout the next few weeks. It won't happen all at once, during this time, some things will be changed while others are not yet. To keep gameplay unaffected, there will be minimal (if any) server downtime as we make the transition.

Some answers to questions you may have:
Why can't there instead just be an 18+ age-requirement/notice upon joining?
While we believe this would be the reasonable compromise to the situation, age registrictions for commercial servers are unfortunately also prohibited by Minecraft's Commercial Usage Guidelines.

Couldn't the references to illegal drugs/content be instead replaced with legal content, such as pharmaceutical drugs?
This is what we were originally hoping would be permissible, but in the words of Mojang's Enforcement Team: "the drug themed content prohibition is not strictly limited to illegal or illicit drugs."

Will there be any changes to store items and things I can purchase, like boosters, Pit Time, etc.?
To the best of our current knowledge, no functional changes to the perks and items we sell on the store are necessary. Beyond cosmetic changes like renaming "Drug Price Boosters" to "Crop Price Boosters", everything should be the same, including seasonal events like the DrugPass, which will be getting a new name.

Finally, I would like to sincerely thank everyone who supports the server and continues to support it through this tough period of transition. MCDrugs has been running for over ten years, and while this is a major hit to the identity of the server, we believe it won't ultimately change much. We are dedicated to continue running the server just as it has been, as if nothing changed. Looking to the future, we still have positive expectations, and can guarantee that we will come up with new mechanics and gameplay features that will keep the server fun, fresh, and exciting for everyone. We appreciate your patience as we make this transition.

While the genre of drug servers used to be competitive and lively, MCDrugs is the last true drug server alive, and as Mojang will not be allowing such servers to exist going forward, MCDrugs will have been the last drug server, period. While it truly sucks for the drug theme to have to come to an end, there's a silver lining in the fact that we ended on top.

All of that being said, this is not at all goodbye; the server itself is not going anywhere. The community is what makes the server, and as long as you guys stick around, MCD will still always feel like MCDrugs.
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Damn, and when I was just about to log into the server as well. Hope all goes well with the server rebrands.


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