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Today we're launching a unique new event: Lab Wars. Lab Wars is a collaborative, team-based event where every player on the server is recruited, at random, by one of four labs. Players generate revenue for their lab through many activities on the server (selling/running/supplying chems, arresting players, fishing, killing mobs in The Pit, competing in events, and lab investments). All generated revenue is tracked, and the top players and labs can be seen in the Lab Wars leaderboard (/lw).

Lab Wars will run through the month of November in four main phases. The first phase is Phase Zero, is a short "pre-season", a few days for players to get familiar with the event. Phase One begins on Tuesday November 8th. At the end of the first and second phases, the lab with the lowest revenue generated that week will go bankrupt, being eliminated from Lab Wars and having all of their employees assigned to the other remaining labs.

The Labs

Lab Wars is beginning with four labs: Crimson Quadri Lab, Emerald Orb Lab, Royal Diamond Lab, and Amber Delta Lab. The first time you do something on the server that generates lab revenue, you will be recruited by one of these labs at random. Once you're in a lab, your lab's symbol will show next to your name in your chat messages, and you'll get access to your lab's chat tag.

Each lab has its own channel on our Discord, and you'll get access to your lab's channel as long as your Discord account is linked (/link in Spawn).

Lab Elimination

Starting at Phase One (November 8th-15th) the lab that is in last place at the end of each phase is eliminated, until only one lab remains at the end of the event. Each player's original lab is tracked, and players who stay in their original lab until the end earn greater rewards.

Phase Zero (now until November 8th) is a safe phase, all labs are safe from elimination until the end of the first phase.

Lab Revenue, Dividends, & Investments

Lab Revenue is the core of Lab Wars. Revenue is a form of points that lab members earn by doing various server activities, including selling/running/supplying chems, arresting players, fishing, killing mobs in The Pit, competing in events, and through lab investments (/lw invest). All revenue is tracked, and the Lab Wars leaderboard (/lw) shows which players have generated the most revenue for their lab, as well as overall. At the end of each Lab Wars day, phase, and at the end of the event, the top players in each lab and overall earn additional rewards.

Along with position-based rewards, lab dividends are paid out at the end of each Lab Wars day to every player who has generated lab revenue that day. Dividends are money rewards paid to players based on their revenue generated and their lab's place at the end of that day.

Similar to dividends, lab investments pay out at the end of each day based on your lab's place. You can directly invest money into your lab with /lw invest <amount>, up to $1,000,000 per day, to instantly generate lab revenue. At the end of the lab wars day, you earn a return on your investment based on your lab's place that day.

Chem Bounties & Lab Selling Boosts

Every hour, a chem is randomly selected to be the Bounty Chem. For the next hour, selling this chem will generate anywhere from 1.5x-2.5x more lab revenue, and reward 25% more prestige progress.

Along with chem bounties, every hour the lab that is in first place on the daily leaderboard at the moment gets a lab selling boost - a 10% boost to chem selling prices and prestige progress for all players in the lab. They keep this boost as long as they're in first place; if a different lab is in first place at the start of the next hour, the boost gets moved to that lab.

Events and Revenue Boost Days

With players being split into distinct teams, we will be running many team-based events throughout November, creating opportunities for players to generate massive amounts of revenue for their lab. Keep an eye on the #lab-wars-announcements channel on the Discord for more info about events.

Since there are so many ways to generate lab revenue, we will occasionally run revenue boost days, where a certain activity will generate up to 4x lab revenue for anywhere from one to three days.


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