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Lab Wars IV


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Lab Wars IV has begun! We've made a few minor changes this time based on your feedback from Lab Wars III, read below for more details.

What is Lab Wars?

Lab Wars is a collaborative, team-based event where every player on the server is recruited, at random, by one of four labs. Players generate revenue for their lab through many activities on the server (selling/running/supplying chems, arresting players, fishing, killing mobs in The Pit, competing in events, voting, and lab investments). All generated revenue is tracked, and the top players and labs can be seen in the Lab Wars leaderboard (/lw). There are tons of rewards for the top 3-9 players every day, phase, and overall at the end of the event, including nearly $1,500 in store credit and $250,000,000+ in in-game money.

Lab Wars will run until Sunday, August 27th in four main phases. The first phase is Phase Zero, a short "pre-season" lasting a couple days to give players the opportunity to get into a lab and get familiar with the event. Phase One begins on Saturday, August 12th. At the end of the first and second phases, the lab with the lowest revenue generated that week will go bankrupt and be eliminated from Lab Wars, resulting in all of their employees being moved to the remaining lab(s).

Find out more about Lab Wars here.

The Labs

Three labs are back from the second Lab Wars: Crimson Quadri Lab, Magenta Star Lab, and Cyan Crescent Lab. The new fourth lab is: Silver Skull Lab.

The first time you do something on the server that generates lab revenue, you will be recruited by one of these labs at random. Once you're in a lab, your lab's symbol will show next to your name in your chat messages, and you'll get access to your lab's chat tag, private chat channel, and nickname colour.

Each lab has its own channel on our Discord, linked to the lab's in-game chat channel, and you'll get access to your lab's channel as long as your Discord account is linked (/link in Spawn).

Phase Schedule

Lab Wars is split into four phases. Phase zero is a "warmup" phase, a time for labs to get established. Starting with Phase One, each phase will be longer than the last, with the final phase, Phase Three, lasting a week. Only two labs will remain in Phase Three, and the best will win Lab Wars III.
  • Phase Zero: Thursday, August 10 - Saturday, August 12
  • Phase One: Saturday, August 12 - Saturday, August 19
  • Phase Two: Saturday, August 19 - Thursday, August 24
  • Phase Three: Thursday, August 24 - Sunday, August 27

What's new?

We made a few changes from Lab Wars III, with the goal of increasing competition and making the event more fun for everyone. The changes include:
  • The labs start by drafting players. The top two players from each of the final two labs of Lab Wars III have chosen twelve players each to start their lab with.
  • Diminishing revenue returns now diminish based on individual revenue stream rather than overall daily revenue (e.g. you can have diminishing revenue on fishing but not chem selling).
  • Each lab has daily revenue goals in each revenue stream, which grant a 10% boost in another revenue stream the next day (e.g. earning $10m fishing revenue can grant a 10% chem selling revenue bonus for the entire lab for all of the next day).
  • Milestone reward fragments are no longer player-bound (excluding Exceedingly Rare Crate Bribe fragments).
  • Bounty chem revenue bonuses have been increased from 10% to 20%.
  • You now get a 20% fishing revenue bonus for fishing at the prison pond.
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