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Lab Wars III


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Lab Wars III is here! This is the first Lab Wars that's near the start of a map, and we're making a few changes this time to make things more fair and fun for everyone, so we're very excited to see how things go this time around!


What is Lab Wars?

Lab Wars is a collaborative, team-based event where every player on the server is recruited, at random, by one of four labs. Players generate revenue for their lab through many activities on the server (selling/running/supplying chems, arresting players, fishing, killing mobs in The Pit, competing in events, voting, and lab investments). All generated revenue is tracked, and the top players and labs can be seen in the Lab Wars leaderboard (/lw). There are tons of rewards for the top 3-9 players every day, phase, and overall at the end of the event, including nearly $1,500 in store credit and $250,000,000+ in in-game money.

Lab Wars will run until Sunday, July 2nd in four main phases. The first phase is Phase Zero, a short "pre-season" lasting less than a day to give players the opportunity to get into a lab and get familiar with the event. Phase One begins on tomorrow, June 17th. At the end of the first and second phases, the lab with the lowest revenue generated that week will go bankrupt and be eliminated from Lab Wars, resulting in all of their employees being moved to the remaining lab(s).

The Labs

Three labs are back from the second Lab Wars: Crimson Quadri Lab, Magenta Star Lab, and Amber Delta Lab. The fourth lab is new: Cyan Crescent Lab.

The first time you do something on the server that generates lab revenue, you will be recruited by one of these labs at random. Once you're in a lab, your lab's symbol will show next to your name in your chat messages, and you'll get access to your lab's chat tag, private chat channel, and nickname colour.

Each lab has its own channel on our Discord, linked to the lab's in-game chat channel, and you'll get access to your lab's channel as long as your Discord account is linked (/link in Spawn).

Phase Schedule

Lab Wars is split into four phases. Phase zero is a "warmup" phase, a time for labs to get established. Starting with Phase One, each phase will be longer than the last, with the final phase, Phase Three, lasting a week. Only two labs will remain in Phase Three, and the best will win Lab Wars III.
  • Phase Zero: June 16 - 17
  • Phase One: June 17 - 20
  • Phase Two: June 20 - 25
  • Phase Three: June 25 - July 2

What's The Same As Lab Wars II?

Much is the same as Lab Wars II, since not much needed to be changed. See the original Lab Wars post and the Lab Wars II post for more info on these, and for more info on Lab Wars in general if this is your first one.

Revenue Changes

We've made a big change with this Lab Wars to make things feel more fair and fun for all players. Once you pass $1,000,000 revenue generated in a single day, you start getting diminishing revenue returns. This means that you earn a bit less revenue, and the decrease gets bigger the more revenue you generate that day. These diminishing return rates reset each day.

Daily Shop and Revenue Milestones

The Daily Shop is a way to spend your lab revenue. Spending your revenue does not remove from your or your lab's overall revenue - think of it as a separate balance that's increased by generating lab revenue. The shop will have seven items each day, offering a mixture of personal, lab-wide, and global benefits. Your revenue balance resets at the end of each phase, so make sure to use it!

Revenue Milestones don't need much explanation - they work just like leaderboard milestones. There are a set of milestones for each day, each phase, and overall. Hitting milestones by generating lab revenue grants rewards that will help both yourself and your lab. Milestones will be enabled starting Phase One!


Rewards & Prize Pool

There are rewards for the top players each day, phase, and at the end of Lab Wars III. These rewards include store credit rewards, Booster, Pit, and Crate Bribe fragments, high-value boosters, tons of money, and more. A complete view of the rewards throughout the event is available here.

In addition to rewards throughout Lab Wars, there is also the prize pool. At the end of the final phase, the winning and runner-up lab will each earn their own reward pool. These pools are split between the top 15 players of each lab, based on their overall revenue share among the other 14 (so even if you end up on a different lab for the final phase, your revenue generated while in your original lab still counts towards your prize pool share). The winner prize pools includes $60,000,000, $300 store credit, and a ton of fragments.

Bounty Chems

Every hour, a base chem is selected as the bounty chem. For the next hour, selling this chem or anything made with it will reward bonus revenue and prestige progress.

Players have some influence in what the next bounty chem will be. The Daily Shop (/lw shop) contains the three candidates for the next bounty, and players can spend revenue to "bid" on each and increase their odds of being the next bounty. The new bounty chem will now be posted to Discord each hour.

Revenue Boost Goals

Every dollar of revenue earned increases the revenue goal progress. Once the goal is hit, a random revenue source will be boosted by 1.5x for one hour (the same source can not be boosted twice in a row). You can view the goal progress in /lw rates.

Draft Format

When a lab goes bankrupt and is eliminated from Lab Wars, its members are absorbed by the remaining labs. While the re-assignment is random for most players, the top players of the eliminated lab will be re-assigned by draft-auction.

At the end of each phase, the remaining labs will be asked to make a priority order of the top players of the eliminated lab, based on who they'd like most in their lab. These players will then be assigned to their new labs based on this order. We might change the draft up a bit for each phase, info on that will always be announced beforehand on Discord.

Lab Chats

Each lab has their own private Discord channel and chat channel in-game. You can speak in your lab's chat channel with the /lc command. The in-game chat is linked to the Discord channels for each lab similar to how the #ingame-chat channel works. Make sure to /link your Discord account in Spawn to get access.
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