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Higher Tier Crates


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I was thinking, we have the Wooden, Iron and Gold Crates, but what if we added a higher tiered crate, like an Diamond or Netherite crate, specifically holding better items (obviously), but also to give us higher leveled fisherman (ok im only lvl 267) better catches than just vanilla everyday level 10 catches.

If not, what if we added better types of fish, instead of the basic 4? Maybe a plugin of all kinds of different fish, and instead of having Cod/Salmon/Pufferfish/Tropical Fish Sashimi we could instead have Dry/Bland/Tasteful/Rich Sashimi we can use to make higher tiered Nigiri or Maki?

If that's a no, maybe add random buffs to nigiri or maki to give them a reason to be made other than for the hell of it or a slightly higher but really not paycheck when fishing. I know this isn't a fishing server but adding a bit of random things to do in MCD could increase player retention because it's not just grow drugs or catch criminals and try to flex on everyone else.

I dunno, what do you guys think?

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