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2023 Reset


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The 2023 Map reset is here, and we're really excited to launch all the things we've been working on! This post will be a quick overview of the major changes, see the map reset changelog for a more in-depth list.

The new map will open at 6PM EST (when this post is ~50 minutes old). To get into the new map, join our IP You should be on version 1.18.2 for the best experience.

Before getting into the changes, I'd like to thank everyone who helped out with everything that went into the new map. Planning, building, and testing the new map and all the major changes took hundreds of hours, and it couldn't have been done without these people.

The New Spawn

The first change you'll notice when you join the server is the new spawn, which might seem familiar for players who have been around for a while. We took the popular desert/mesa canyon terrain of the 2018 spawn and completely repurposed it with an entirely new layout and buildings.

The spawn is a dry desert wasteland, with interconnected biodomes that host lush vegetation. The spawn building is one of these biodomes. The only way out of the biodomes and into the wasteland to sell chems is through the main spawn dome exits.

Something you'll notice about the spawn dome is that the fishing stuff (Chuck and Hiruko) are in the dome. This is because cops can now enter the spawn dome/building while off-duty! More on this below.

New Worlds

The biggest change we're making this map is a restructure of the server's worlds. Gone are the Wild, Farm-A, and Farm-M worlds, and in their place we've created the Town and Factions worlds. These two worlds are catered to the two distinct types of players on the server: those who want to farm and build a community casually without the stress of being raided or killed, and competitive players who want to raid others.

❗This section will go into a bit more detail than the rest, but make sure to read it, it's important!

The Town World

The Town world is a safe place for casual and newer players. With the Towny plugin, players can create or join towns to claim and assign/sell land with chunk plots that work similar to Factions claims. Raiding, griefing, and PvP are strictly prohibited here, so other players pose no risk.

There are a few restrictions and things to note about this world:
  • Valuable items, like crate items, vouchers, etc., as well as chem compounds, can't be stored in chests here.
  • Chunk hoppers and chunk busters are disabled here.
  • Automatic farms are not allowed here.
  • Crop growth rate is default.
  • You can make chest shops here to sell items, but can't sell or buy any items that can't be stored in chests.

The Factions World

The Factions world is the counterpart to the town world, it's a raiding-focused world with benefits at the cost of higher risk. Players can access the Factions world once they reach Engineer rank (it will be open to everyone, regardless of rank, for the first couple weeks of the new map).

In this world:
  • Valuable items may be stored.
  • Automatic farms are allowed, and chunk hoppers and chunk busters work.
  • All crop growth rates are increased.

Factions Changes

Factions aren't new, we've had them for the past few maps. However, with this reset, we've made some notable changes to Factions:
  • Faction member limit has been reduced to 15 players. Factions can now only have one ally, and no truces.
  • Factions power per player has been slightly increased.
  • Added Factions shields (8 hours per day) Factions fly (earned by voting daily), Factions upgrades (including faster crop growth), Factions vault, and Factions chest.
  • The price of base building materials (chunk busters, gen buckets) have been reduced.

Once again, there will be a Factions Grace Period of 10 days. All explosions are disabled in claimed factions land until Monday, May 15th.

Dealers and Weekly Leaderboard

We've made some big changes to selling chems this map.

The Weekly Chem leaderboard is now based on chem value rather than quantity sold, similar to how chem revenue worked with Lab Wars.

Along with this, we've revamped chem dealers. They now each have their own money, prestige progress, and leaderboard score multipliers, based on their distance from spawn and other factors like PvP risk. Players now have access to all dealers right from the start, and the selling bonus for ranking up has been changed to a global bonus applied to all dealers.

Police Overhaul

The police system has been completely rewritten and overhauled, allowing for many popular requests and bug fixes.

The duty and ability systems have been greatly improved. Non-police items now go back into the cop's inventory when going off duty instead of just being deleted. Abilities and ability items are easier to use, and some new abilities have been added.

Police Lockers have been added, accessed with /locker, it gives police additional inventory room for chems that increases as they rank up.

As mentioned above, police can now enter the Spawn dome/building while off-duty.

There are many more changes that won't fit here, check out the reset changelog to see them!

Chem Lab and Chemtainers

Lab Energy has been added to Chem Lab. Energy can be spent to increase compound crafting outputs by around 10%. You can refill your lab energy by depositing minerals like coal, iron, redstone, etc.

Your Chemtainer is a new way to easily transport chems between worlds. Accessed with /chemtainer, you can store raw chems and compounds here which can then be withdrawn from any world. The capacity increases as you rank up.

Rule Changes

Along with some minor changes to the farm rules to fit the new worlds, there is one major rule change this map: scamming is not allowed. With all of the mechanics available to avoid scamming, such as trading, player shop rules, etc., scamming really only affected newer players who weren't aware of these mechanics. For this reason, we've decided to prohibit scamming entirely.

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