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2024 Season Changelog

MCLabs 2024 Season Changelog


  • Town World has been renamed to the Overworld
  • Valuable items can now be stored here.


  • The Underworld has replaced the Factions world.
  • Raiding and PvP are not allowed in this world.
  • This new world uses Companies instead of Factions.
  • The entire world is underground, composed of stone, then cobblestone and deepslate as you dig further.

Raid World

  • New world intended for raiding, using tiered outpost mechanics.
  • Companies can contest and claim outposts for rewards.
  • Launching in June.


  • Entirely new system to replace Factions.
  • Many similarities to Factions, with some additions, including:
    • Upgrades for all crop types
    • Company Leaderboard
    • Company Shop
    • Upkeep fees and member dues
    • Improved activity logs
    • Cross-world company chat
    • Most company commands work in every world


  • Dealers in coloured neighbourhoods now move around.
    • Each dealer has a few locations in the neighbourhood
    • Gives a 30 second warning before moving, sent to nearby players.
  • Reduced dealer progress and leaderboard bonuses across the board.
  • Added visual indication when entering a coloured neighbourhood.
  • Traveling Dealer will now walk around an area instead of staying in one place.
  • Reduced Smuggle Dealer prestige progress and leaderboard rate to 0.75x


  • Raw Chems:
    • Added Globerrium (Glow Berries) and Sweeberrium (Sweet Berries)
    • Removed Mushrooms
  • Compounds:
    • All compound chems now use item types unique from other chems.
    • Added Sweemelonide, Glompkinide, Glocobinide, Sweerootinide, Sweepaprinide, Papwartinide, Pumpwartinide, Glocarronide, Melpotinide, Chorootinide, Copaprinide, Pumpsugrinide
    • Removed Broomcactide, Melreshroomate, Alkanized and Refined Alkanized Wheatium, Nethcarronite, Potwartinide, Sugwartinide, Wheapaprinide, Betrompkinide
    • All compounds that used pumpkin seeds now use full pumpkins.
    • Renamed:
      • Trisugrated Wheanide to Wheasugrinide
      • Sugrated Carrotenide to Sugcarronide
      • Wheacobanite to Wheacobinide

Rankup Prices

  • The price of each rankup now increases with each higher prestige.

Chunk Hoppers

  • Increased buy price
  • Increases upgrade costs across the board
  • Increased maximum item transfer rate to 5 stacks


  • Added leaderboards for most Exceedingly Rares unboxed, and most items scrapped.
  • Rare+ items now show who unboxed them, and when (can be removed with /prune).
  • Crates will now display who the last player to unbox an Exceedingly Rare from it was.
  • Exceedingly Rare crate item buffs:
    • Added Detontate ability to Jackhammer.
    • Added Speed Surge IV to Smuggler Sneakers.
    • Added Soulbound III to Jackhammer, Herbalizer, and Smuggler Sneakers.

Other Changes

  • New interactive tutorial that walks players through farming chems, making combos, avoiding cops, selling, and ranking up.
  • Achievement reward items now drop on the ground if player doesn't have inventory room, instead of disappearing.
  • Exceedingly Rare bribe items are now bound to the player redeeming them.
  • Likelihood of the chem chosen for bounty chests is now based on value (i.e. cheaper chems will be more common in bounties, expensive chems less common)
  • Added Net Worth
    • Combination of player's season fund (money paid to rank up and complete Mastery challenges), and balance
    • View with /networth
  • Many more changes not listed here. Explore in-game to find out!