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2023 Map Reset Changelog

MCLabs 2023 Reset Changelog

World Structure

  • Removed Farm-A, Farm-M, and Wild worlds.
  • Added Town World
    • A safe place for new and casual players.
    • Uses the Towny plugin, so players can create and join towns and nations. Towns can claim land and sell plots to residents.
    • Raiding and griefing are not allowed at all here. Because of this:
      • Valuable items (crate items, vouchers, gear, etc.) and chem compounds can’t be stored here
      • Chunk hoppers and chunk busters are disabled here.
      • Automatic farms are not allowed here (defined similarly to the automatic farm restrictions in Wild this map).
    • Base crop growth rates.
    • Chest Shops can be made here, but can’t buy or sell valuable items
  • Added Factions World
    • The counterpart to the Town world, a raiding-focused world with benefits and higher stakes.
    • For their own safety, new players do not have access to this world, it is unlocked at Engineer rank.
      • Will be open to all players for the first couple weeks of the new map to allow for experienced players to get into it instantly.
    • Automatic farms are allowed here. Chunk busters and chunk hoppers work here, and chunk busters go to bedrock
    • All crop growth rates are increased here.
    • Factions changes:
      • Faction member limit reduced to 15 players.
      • Factions can only have one ally.
      • Faction power increased. Now higher overall, and increased power at lower ranks.
      • Added Factions fly, which can be earned by voting each day. Fly is disabled when leaving your land or when an enemy is nearby.
      • Added Faction upgrades (/f upgrade)
      • Added Faction vault, a virtual chest that can be accessed by faction members. Valuables can not be stored in these.
      • Added Faction chest, a physical chest that can be accessed via command by faction members.
      • Added Faction Shields, which protect faction land from explosions for 8 hours a day. Players can choose to have their faction shielded in one of three 8-hour periods.


Dealers and Leaderboard

  • Leaderboard is now based on chem value rather than chem count.
  • Chem dealers can now give bonus or reduced money, prestige progress, and leaderboard score.
  • Revamped chem dealers
    • There are now 7 main chem dealers, each corresponding to a coloured neighbourhood of the spawn.
    • All players have access to these dealers from the start.
    • Each of these dealers has different money, prestige progress, and leaderboard score multipliers based on their location.
    • These dealers glow for greater visibility.
  • Rather than unlocking new dealers, ranking up now earns a small selling bonus at all dealers.
  • Prison dealer now gives +25% prestige progress and leaderboard score.
  • Travelling dealer now gives +20% prestige progress and leaderboard score.


Police Overhaul

  • Completely rewrite of the police system, allowing for much more customization.
  • When going off duty, any non-police items in the cop's inventory will now be moved to their off-duty inventory, or dropped on the ground if inventory is full (i.e. no more items lost from going off duty)
  • Police can now enter the spawn dome/building while off-duty
    • Police are teleported to police spawn when going on duty
  • The frisk cooldown is now much shorter following the frisk of a player under new player protection
  • Police now get notifications when there's increased selling activity to a specific dealer ("Increased selling activity reported near the X dealer!") - currently triggered when there have been 5+ sales in the past 5 minutes
  • Police leaderboard reward ability items (taser horse stimulant, endless pocket rocket, etc.) are now part of the officer's kit when going on duty in the form of the Tool belt:
    • Police can now only have one equipment/ability item (e.g. taser, endless rocket, horse stimulant) equipped at once
    • A different item can be equipped by pressing the SWAP HAND button while holding current equipment.
    • There's a short delay while equipping (player can still move during delay)
  • Added police lockers
    • When a cop arrests someone and doesn't have the inventory room for the chems, they will be sent to their locker. 
    • Lockers have limited storage space (more can be unlocked), and if there is no room in the locker for the chems, they'll be dropped on the ground. 
    • Police can access their locker with /locker to withdraw the chems to sell (chems cannot be manually put into the locker)
  • Ability changes:
    • Active ability is now activated by pressing the SWAP HAND button while holding the baton.
    • Ability selection and ability shop are now combined into one GUI.
    • Power leap ability now works the same as pocket rockets, with cooldowns slightly reduced
    • K9 Collar ability is now an actual police ability with three tiers, each having a longer dog lifetime and shorter cooldown than the last
  • Minor changes:
    • Particles now appear for a few seconds around the area where a player was arrested.
    • Police duty messages are now broadcasted globally.
    • Added sound effects for frisking players, being frisked, failed frisk, successful frisk
    • Players now receive a message when they would have been frisked but are under new player protection
    • Reduced police enroll cooldown from 5 days to 3 days
    • Items are now always frisked properly from chem storage items (Smuggler Satchel, Runner rucksack, etc.)


Lab Energy

  • The chem lab now includes an “energy” resource.
  • Energy can be used to increase compound crafting outputs by around 10%.
  • Energy is increased by depositing minerals (excluding, diamond, gold, and netherite)



  • Cross-world chem storage.
  • Accessed with /chemtainer
  • Players can deposit chems and compounds into them in any world, and access them from any world.
  • Starting capacity is half an inventory, and increases by ranking up, up to 6 inventories of space


Crate Changes

  • Added new rarity: Super Rare, in between Very Rare and Exceedingly Rare.
    • Very Rare odds slightly increased.
    • Crates now have one fewer common item.


Misc. Changes and Additions

  • Reduced costs of base building materials.
  • Revamped the dealer tracking UI, which can now be opened with /dealers as well as right-clicking with the tracking compass
  • Ability item changes:
    • Horse Stimulant speed duration decreased from 5s to 3s, cooldown increased from 15s to 20s
    • Endless Pocket Rocket base cooldown increased by 1s
    • Pocket Rockets and certain jump pads now create a smoke trail following the player to make it easier to track launching players
    • Pocket Rockets now launch the player at a set angle (~30 degrees), meaning they can no longer be used for huge vertical leaps
    • Reusable ability items (e.g. Catalyst, Endless Pocket Rocket, etc.) now each keep track of how many times they've been used. The stat can be checked with /itemuses while holding the item, and the number of uses displays when [item]ing the item
  • Prestige/Mastery gear:
    • Removed Prestige Signature mechanic. Prestige/Mastery items now always have the name of the player who unboxed/earned them.
    • Prestige items now have Soulbound I.
    • Mastery armour now has Soulbound I.
  • Scamming is no longer allowed.
  • Overhauled the chat tag shop (/tshop), and added dynamic chems sold tags (now work properly, and include sales of the raw chem and compounds)
  • Runner Job listings now show prestige progress cut as well as money cut.
  • Increased number of chem bounty chests from 3 to 5
  • Increased lottery draw frequency from 60 minutes to 20 minutes.
  • Fixed issues with custom enchant potion effects.
  • Players now receive a notification when their Smuggle Flight cooldown ends.
  • Overhauled /prices: Can now be used to calculate the money/prestige progress/leaderboard score for selling a chosen amount of each chem, and now works in all worlds.
  • mcMMO Credit Changes
    • mcMMO credits are no longer rewarded for voting.
    • Slightly decreased mcMMO credit rate from Voter Crates.
  • Raffle improvements:
    • Added two additional weekly raffle reward slots: Efarm/premium vouchers and Crate Roll Boosters
    • improved booster and crate key raffle reward pools