Tips and Tricks

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The range of water on farmland.
  • Get your farm started with /kit chems, which grants a few of each chem seed.
  • Dirt crops (Wheat, carrots, potatoes, and beetroot) require light level 9 to grow. If you can't plant your crops, first make sure that you have enough light.
  • Be efficient with your water use. One water source block will hydrate farmland in a radius of four blocks. You don't need to have water next to each farmland. Example - this is the most efficient use of water.
  • Likewise, make sure to maximize the efficiency of water placement when farming sugarcane. Example.
  • Take advantage of Auto-Replant and Extra Drops to maximize efficiency for manual chems.
  • Level up your mcMMO herbalism to increase your chance of double crop drops.

Selling Chems

General Tips

  • Always plan your routes, and have a backup route in case your route is blocked by police.
  • Take advantage of speed and invisbility potions - police aren't allowed to use speed potions, so unless they have a mount or use their speed boost, you will always be faster than them.
  • Waiting to sell your chems until a Chem Price Booster is active can be much more profitable, but it usually means there will be more police online.
  • Take advantage of all of the spawn exits, don't just use the main front/side exits.
  • Use F5/third person to look for police behind you without losing speed.
  • Certain cops usually have regular camping spots - take not of where they like to camp so that you can plan the best route.
  • Understand the abilities that police have. You can see police abilities on the Police article.
  • Sounds can be used to your advantage. If you don't want sounds on, turn on subtitles.
  • Prison can be very profitable, as it gives a 20% selling boost - but be cautious of other players, as PvP is enabled there.


  • When posting a runner job, take the price of the chem being sold into consideration. If you're posting higher value chems, you can probably lower the cut. Likewise, post higher cuts for the low value chems.
  • Tipping good runners is an effective way to keep them reliable and likely to run for you again.
  • See Runners for more information on Running Chems