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Running is a system that allows players to sell chems for other players in return for a cut. Once you obtain the Intern rank ($10,000 - second rank in /ranks), you are able to go on Runner duty (/runner duty) and take Runner jobs (/runner jobs). Running allows you to sell chems for higher ranked players in return for a percentage of the money made. The players posting the Runner jobs decide which chems they want sold, along with the percentage cut of the profits that the Runner receives if the chems are successfully sold. A Runner can then request to take the job, and if accepted, will be sent to spawn with the chems and has ten minutes to sell them.


You must rank up at least once to obtain the Intern rank and take runner jobs (/ranks). Once you have obtained the Intern rank, you may use /runner duty to go on runner duty, and then /runner jobs to view available jobs. Runner duty gives you a separate inventory, so your inventory will need to be empty when going on duty, but you can have items in your armour and off-hand slot, these items will stay when you go on/off duty. While on duty, in the /runner jobs menu, you will see available jobs and can click on them to request to take them. If you are accepted, you will be teleported to spawn and will have 10 minutes to complete the job. If you are frisked, you will go to jail as normal and your runner reputation will be lowered.

You can check your runner reputation and success rate by using /runner rep. You can also view the leaderboard by using /runner top and check statistics for specific players using /runner rep <player>.

Jobs will have an "auto-take rep". This means that if your reputation is at or above that number, you can take the job instantly without having to send a request.

Do not intentionally fail runner jobs. Intentionally failing for any reason is a bannable offense.

Tip: You receive more reputation per job if you are on a selling streak. Each job completed will increase the reputation you receive per job by 1, to a maximum of 5 reputation per job.

Posting RunnerJobs

Once you reach the Chemist rank (/ranks), you can begin to post runner jobs for others to take. To post jobs, use /runner sell <percentage>, percentage being the cut from the sale that the runner will receive. At first, you will only be able to post one job. As you progress through higher ranks, you can start posting more up to a maximum of 8 jobs. To see which ranks unlock more runner jobs, see Ranks. You can, however, post runner jobs from any world. Please note that posting jobs is at your own risk. If a runner fails your job, you will not receive the chems or money back.