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MCLabs basics of base defense and factions raiding mechanics.


The factions plugin features new mechanics not seen in vanilla Minecraft. You are able to claim land so that others cant build on it, though they can still raid your land and shoot TNT onto it to explode your base. The general idea of factions is that you use a TNT cannon to explode other factions’ bases in claimed land to gain access to their loot. You can create your own faction with /f create (4-16 alphanumeric name for your faction). Or, you can join an existing faction with /f join <faction>, provided that they invite you first.

The Basics of Land Claims and Power

If you choose to make your own faction, you can claim land by typing /f claim while standing in a chunk. (Press F3+G to see chunk borders). Claimed land is visible to other people via the /f map command, claiming hidden undefended underground bases isn’t recommended, its better to keep them hidden. You cannot claim unlimited amounts of land, as the maximum amount of claimable land is limited by your faction’s power. You can increase your power by ranking up (see ranks) or spending time in the world your faction is located in if your power isn’t at maximum. Recruiting other players is also a great idea, as they each have their own power value. Type /f power (username) to view how much power a specific person has.

The Factions Interface

The Factions power display.

Typing /f who will display a lot of information, but for this tutorial we will focus on the three numbers shown next to each other separated by "/". The one on the left is your current number of chunks claimed, the middle number is your faction’s current power, and the one on the right is your faction’s maximum power. A person’s power decreases by 2 if they die, and slowly “decays” over time if the person in question hasn’t logged on for a while. If your faction’s power number is lower than your amount of land claims, other factions can steal those claims from you and effectively steal your land.

General Base Defense & Base Building Tips

So you’ve got your claims set and you’re ready to make a base. However, here are many base defense mistakes that new players make, some of which are listed below.

  • The /rtp command is designed to get you out of the wild spawn, not to get you far out into the world. It is highly recommended that you travel really far before claiming land and setting up a base, as it will make you harder to find. Avoid building your base at the edge of the map though, as this will also make you easy to find.
  • Avoid making sky bases as they are easy to break into from the bottom.
  • Don’t teleport people that aren’t in your faction to your base, it’s a good way to get raided.
  • Don’t put doors or entrances to your base. Instead, set a home for your faction using /f sethome. You can access this home by typing /f home, after its been set.
  • If you are being raided and you die, keep an eye on your faction’s total power. Going back and dying over and over can lower your power enough to the point where you not only loose your loot, but your base as well.
  • Building and testing your base design on /creative before putting it into action is recommended.
  • When testing a design, think about how you would raid your own base, ask yourself what is the weakest path I can take to get inside, and then fix those flaws accordingly.
  • Get your defenses up before putting any farms/valuables inside your base.

Base Defense Types


With the more generic tips out of the way, lets get to how to properly make walls. To begin to talk about base defense, we need to understand how cannons work. This guide will assume you haven’t read the cannoning guide yet, so lets imagine a cannon as a computer that can carry out a specific set of actions. This computer can create a straight line of sand at the first surface it hits, and it can adjust where this sand is created vertically and horizontally, and how much sand is in the pillar. Optionally, it can choose to explode this sand at the top or along the entire pillar. (view screenshot 1). If the computer chooses to do so, it can place a sand pillar, explode, and place another in quick succession. Assume that the computer is able to fire this payload of sand/tnt through 1x1 holes. Using this information, you have to figure out how to slow down the cannon as much as possible. This guide will provide a multitude of walls for you to use.

Starting with: Basic regens

Most players incorrectly build regens by doing things such as this:


The main flaw with these designs is that they are extremely vulnerable to frostwalker via the use of a boat, and can be bypassed by firing over them at build limit. People with more experience may build their regens like this instead:


However, this design has its flaws too. Although the frostwalker issue is less prevalent here because of the fact that the water sourcing goes a few blocks deep, the regen can be shot through from any spot. Lets go back to our computer example. If we place a sand pillar along any spot of the regen and then choose to explode the top of the pillar, water will flow towards the inside of the regen when it touches the sand, causing the lava to turn into obsidian (see screenshots below) Obviously this makes the regen much more vulnerable than it needs to be.



The question becomes: How can we make a regen that does not have this water pushing issue?

The simple answer is that regens don’t need water on all sides to generate cobblestone. We can build the regen like this instead. (see screenshots below, blue wool indicates where water sources go) Certain spots on the regen are now dry on one side, but because there is water on the other side, the regen will still regen if broken. The regen cannot be broken into from any of the dry areas (indicated by green wool, note that the part of the regen marked with green wool should be facing outwards, away from the center of your base) since we can’t push water. This forces raiders to explode the regen where the lava is located because that’s the only spot with water. If we take multiple of these regens and offset them by 1 block (this means moving each set of regens to the left/right 1 block so they aren’t lined up), this is where their strength begins to shine, since now raiders have to adjust their cannon for every set of regens.



This defense can still be improved however. Frostwalker ice will dissipate if exposed to strong light, so incorporating strong sources of light into the areas where water sources are located will help reduce the viability of frostwalker attacks. There is also a lot of space between each regen for 1 additional defense, pillars can be placed behind each set of regens without creating vulnerabilities. The final product should look something like this: