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The Pit

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The Pit is a PvE/PvP experience exclusive to MCDrugs.

You can get to The Pit by doing /pit ingame.

The Pit is mostly non-PvP, so don't be afraid to try it out! The PvP areas are very clearly marked, so it's easy to avoid them. You also will not drop your items if you die, as long as you stay out of the Chasm (red underground area).

Here's how it works:
  • There are four different areas of The Pit. Each area has different settings, mobs, and rewards.
  • The Surface is always open, while the Canyon and the Chasm must be opened through purchasing Pit Access Time from our store, which opens the pit for everyone on the server for a limited time.
  • Purchasing Pit Access Time makes you the sponsor during the period you open The Pit for, allowing other players to tip you ingame money while The Pit is open.
  • Kills mobs in The Pit to get EXP, mcMMO XP, and special drops. Killing a mob has a chance to spawn a boss or mini-boss, which are much more difficult than regular mobs, but have better drops.
  • Mobs, mini-bosses, and bosses all drop Boss Soul Fragments and Boss Souls. This currency can be used in /bshop to unlock exclusive rewards, like legacy donator ranks (which give access to playervaults, higher drug selling prices, and special kits) as well as crate keys, including ones that are not available on our main store.

The Pit is mostly player-versus-environment, with mobs and bosses to fight. The Pit is roughly split into three sections: the Easy Surface, the Normal Surface, and The Chasm.

The Surface
The Surface is always open. The mobs and bosses here are relatively weak and drop very few boss soul fragments. However, this is a good area for less-geared players to grind fragments for purchasing gear from /bshop, and to level mcMMO skills.

Mobs found at the Easy Surface:
  • Giant Slime
  • Slimeling
  • Grass Zombie
  • Ogre Mini-Boss
Surface mobs are much weaker and easier to kill than Canyon mobs. This make the Surface good area for new players to grind the gear and skills to venture deeper into The Pit.

You will not drop your items if you die on the Surface.

The Canyon
The Canyon is the first area available when The Pit is opened by a sponsor. This is where mobs start to pose a real threat, and bosses are difficult to fight alone. Mobs and bosses here drop enough soul fragments to make the longer fights worthwhile. The drops here are significantly better than The Surface, and will allow you to start purchasing even better items from /bshop.

Mobs found at the Normal Surface:
  • Petrified Viking
  • Petrified Skyti
  • Petrified Knight
  • Petrified Archer
  • Draugr Mini-Boss
  • Undead Templar Mini-Boss
Bosses available at the Easy Surface:
  • Berzerker Boss
  • Templar Boss
These bosses have quite a bit more health than the Surface bosses, and have powerful special abilities that give them some real damage. It is recommended to team up to kill these bosses.

You will not drop your items if you die on the Surface.

The Chasm
The Chasm is the most difficult part of The Pit, but don't let this deter you from going there - the rewards are very good, and with some decent gear (protection 4+, a good smite sword, and lots of food/potions), the mobs and bosses are manageable. The Chasm is split into two sections: PvP and non-PvP. The PvP areas are very clearly marked, and easy to avoid. The main entrance to The Chasm, the big hole in The Canyon, leads to the PvP area. The side entrances, tunnels found on the left/right sides of The Canyon, lead to the non-PvP areas. The PvP and non-PvP areas have the same mobs and bosses, but the PvP area mobs have a slightly higher chance of spawning mini-bosses and dropping items.

Mobs found in The Chasm:
  • Flame Elemental
  • Possessed Armour
  • Midget Psycho
  • Goliath Flame Elemental Mini-Boss
  • Hardened Possessed Armour Mini-Boss
  • Armoured Psycho Mini-Boss

Bosses available in The Chasm:
  • Pyromaniac Boss
  • Chasm Golem Boss
  • Chasm Psycho Boss
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