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Runner Week


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Runner Week

July 18-25 is Runner Week! Create jobs, run jobs, and intercept runners as a cop during Runner Week for store credit, museum status, exclusive tags and ability items, additional prestige progress, money, and more! Get info and view the leaderboard with /rw in-game.

Prestige Progress Boost

Prestige Progress is boosted during Runner Week! Earn 20% extra prestige progress for selling chems, running and posting jobs, and arresting players.

Runner, Supplier, and Police Leaderboards

There are three leaderboards: the runner leaderboard, the supplier leaderboard, and the new police leaderboard. At the end of each day, the top three players of each leaderboard will be rewarded $250,000.

At the end of Runner Week, the top three players of each leaderboard will be rewarded $3,000,000, their head in the museum, an exclusive ability item, and an exclusive tag each (different tags for each leaderboard). Players can earn rewards in any number of categories. There is also rewards for the top ten players in each leaderboard.

The leaderboards can be viewed in-game with /rw top.

Community Goals

Every job completed progresses the community goal. When the goal is reached, a community-wide reward is drawn. Exclusive to Runner Week, the community goal rewards include bonus runner jobs, up to 25 server-created runner jobs containing full inventories of chem compounds.

You can see the progress towards the goal in-game with /rw goal.

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