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Mount Overhaul & Runner Week


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Today we're launching a complete overhaul of the mount system, including some additions and much-requested quality of life changes. Along with this, Runner Week (previously Mule Week) is live until Monday, January 16th. Finally, a few other additions crate item scrapping, player referals, and police all-time leaderboard rewards.


Mount Overhaul

The mount/horse system has been overhauled to combine the two mount systems (rental mounts and item-spawned mounts like the Wraith Mount). The new mount menu can be accessed with /mounts.

There are now three types of mounts: Personal Mounts, Rental Mounts, and Item Mounts.

Personal mounts are unlocked by ranking up, and get faster as your rank up and prestige. You can customize these mounts with your choice of colour, pattern, and armour.

Rental mounts work just like mounts already work, you can rent them for $200,000/hour. However, you can no longer permanently own the rental mount. To compensate anyone who put money into owning the rental mount, those who had 150 hours on the rental mount have been given the permanent "Legacy Rental Mount".

Item mounts are mounts spawned from summoning items like the Wraith Mount. The summon item can be deposited into the item mount slot, allowing it to be spawned via the /mounts command.

The new mounts menu includes a few preferences that you can toggle to change how your mount behaves, such as whether it despawns when you dismount.

Police can now shift + right click their mount to access additional storage. It starts at one row, and more rows can be unlocked through the all-time police leaderboard milestones.

Other minor and quality of life changes can be found in the #changes-and-fixes channel on our Discord.


Runner Week

January 6-16 is Runner Week! Create jobs, run jobs, and intercept runners as a cop during Runner Week for museum status, exclusive tags and ability items, additional prestige progress, money, and more! Get info and view the leaderboard with /rw in-game.

Prestige Progress Boost

Prestige Progress is boosted during Runner Week! Earn 20% extra prestige progress for selling chems, running and posting jobs, and arresting players.

Runner, Supplier, and Police Leaderboards

There are three leaderboards: the runner leaderboard, the supplier leaderboard, and the new police leaderboard. At the end of each day, the top three players of each leaderboard will be rewarded $250,000.

At the end of Runner Week, the top three players of each leaderboard will be rewarded $2,500,000, their head in the museum, an exclusive personalized item, and an exclusive tag each (different tags for each leaderboard). Players can earn rewards in any number of categories. There is also rewards for the top ten players in each leaderboard.

The leaderboards can be viewed in-game with /rw top.

Community Goals

Every job completed progresses the community goal. When the goal is reached, a community-wide reward is drawn. Exclusive to Runner Week, the community goal rewards include bonus runner jobs, up to 25 server-created runner jobs containing full inventories of chem compounds.

You can see the progress towards the goal in-game with /rw goal.


Crate Item Scrapping

Crate Items can now be scrapped, creating Crate Scrap which can be used to craft crate keys. The range of scrap created depends on the rarity of the item being scrapped.

Use /scrap in Spawn to start scrapping crate items.


Player Referals

You can now earn rewards for referring players to the server. Use /refer in-game to open the referal menu, where you can view the rewards and send requests to players to have them set you as their referer. A reward is earned for each referal, up to eight players referred.

Police All-Time Milestones

All-times milestones and rewards have been added to the police leaderboard. The milestones range from 25 to 1400 total arrests, and the rewards include some new police abilities as well as some of the same rewards as the chem milestones.

You can view the leaderboard milestones and their rewards with /lb ms in-game.
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