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Holiday Festivities


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The Holiday Season is here, and we're bringing back revamped versions of our classic annual events! Along with the events, the Spawn world has been transformed into Festive Spawn for the rest of the month.


Winter ChemPass

The Winter ChemPass is active until the end of Winter! Access it with /cpass in-game.

ChemPass is a battlepass-like tiered reward system. Sell chems, arrest players, and complete seasonal and daily ChemPass quests in-game to level up your ChemPass and earn rewards. Every player gets free access to the basic pass, which grants access to 50 of the 150 tier rewards. Upgrade to the Premium ChemPass and receive a premium reward for every tier that doesn't have a basic reward. If you've already tiered-up your ChemPass, upgrading to premium will allow you to claim all of the Premium rewards up to your current level.

This ChemPass will feature a leaderboard, sorting players by their tier. Players who have finished the ChemPass will also appear on the leaderboard, with their place sorted based on the order that they finished.

The ChemPass shop is back, including a few new items for sale. And as mentioned above, you can now earn ChemPass EXP through selling chems and arresting players. We've also brought back the exploration quests, to help you earn some ChemPass EXP while searching spawn for presents.

Get started by claiming your free 150 ChemPass EXP!

Present Hunt

The Present Hunt is back and better than ever! 500 presents have been hidden around the Spawn world - find presents by right-clicking them and earn a reward for every five presents you find.

We're bringing a bunch of new features and mechanics to the Present Hunt this year:
  • Rewards can now be claimed in the rewards menu (/ph claim) at any time.
  • There is now a leaderboard, showing which players have the most presents (/ph top)
  • Each present has a number, and you can now see which presents you've found, along with their rough location (/ph list)
  • You can now track unfound presents (with a cooldown) using /ph track, leading you to a random present that you haven't found via hotter/colder hints.
  • The Present Radar and Scanner (from the Holiday Crate and Gift Exchange) can be used to show you how many unfound presents are within up to 75 blocks of you.
  • Everyone who starts the Present Hunt now gets access to the presentcount chat tags, showing their number of presents found.

Along with the rewards from finding this presents, each players who finds all of the presents will earn their head in the museum.

Happy present hunting!


Gift Exchange

Feeling generous this holiday season? Give one random online player a present using a Holiday Gift! Holiday Gifts can be purchased from our store or earned through the Present Hunt and Winter ChemPass. Each Holiday Gift you give earns you a Gift of Giving, which can be spent on rewards in /ge shop, including some exclusive ones like a custom chat tag or your choice of any Exceedingly Rare crate item. Not only do you get rewards for spending Gifts of Giving, but the most generous players who gave the most gifts will receive huge prizes! (see below)

This year's Gift Exchange features an entirely new Gift of Giving Shop (/ge shop), a leaderboard (/ge top), and all-new item rewards when unwrapping gifts, with multiple rarity tiers.

Most Generous Player:
  • Exclusive Discord and website "2022 Gift Exchange Most Generous Player" role.
  • Exclusive "Santa" and "Generous" chat tags.
  • "Most Generous Player" NPC plinth in the Museum.
  • A free custom chat tag.
  • Any crate item.*
  • Twenty-five crate keys of your choice.*
  • One 3.0x 1 hour all chem price booster.
  • Two 2.5x 1 hour all chem price boosters.
  • Ten 2.0x 5 minute vote boosters.
Second Most Generous Player:
  • Exclusive Discord and website "2022 Gift Exchange Second Most Generous Player" role.
  • Exclusive "Generous" chat tag.
  • Your head in the Museum.
  • Very Rare crate item of your choice.*
  • Fifteen crate keys of your choice.*
  • Three 2.0x 1 hour all chem price boosters.
Third Most Generous Player:
  • Exclusive Discord and website "2021 Gift Exchange Third Most Generous Player" role.
  • Exclusive "Generous" chat tag.
  • Your head in the Museum.
  • Rare crate item of your choice.*
  • Ten crate keys of your choice.*
  • Two 1.75x 1 hour all chem price boosters.
Fourth-Tenth Most Generous Players:
  • Exclusive "Generous" chat tag.
  • Your name in the Museum.
  • Five crate keys of your choice.*
* Includes only crates/items available from our store.


Holiday Crate & Tag Crate, Mystery Present, Holiday Sale

The Holiday Crate is here, containing nine exclusive holiday-themed items, including the Exceedingly Rare Holiday Harvester, a farming tool that allows for replant and extra drops to be used at the same time.

The Holiday Tag Crate is back, including 27 holiday-themed chat tags.

The Mystery Present Box has returned, buy one for yourself or gift one to someone you care about. Opening the Mystery Present Box will get you a random item from our store, and at a cost of $5 each with the rewards inside the present all valued at $6.57 or more, you're guaranteed to get something worth your money - you can even unwrap the MVP++ rank, worth $250!

The Holiday Sale has started on our store, featuring discounts of up to 80% off, 3.0x Store Loyalty Points on all purchases, and access to an exclusive Holiday pet for every $10 USD spent.
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