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Halloween Update


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October is here, and we're excited to be bringing back some favourite Halloween content, as well as some new things!

Spooky Spawn

Spawn has become a bit colder, darker, and spookier as we've given it a complete visual overhaul for the month!


Halloween Carnage

Slay spooky monsters in the Cemetery at Spawn (/cemetery) to get Souls of Fright which can be spent on exclusive rewards in /carnage shop. The Carnage consist of four stages, ending on November 1st. Each stage will feature additions like new mobs and bosses, rewards, and Carnage shop items. There is a Carnage leaderboard (/carnage top) to reward the top Carnage killers of each stage and each day throughout the Carnage.

This year, we've added a ton of ways to get rewards outside of being at the top of the leaderboard. There's now Daily Missions, Daily Goals, and Daily Carnage Raffles.

Every time you kill a monster in the Cemetery during the Halloween Carnage, there's a chance that it will drop a Soul of Fright. These souls can be spent on exclusive halloween-themed rewards in /carnage shop. The more challenging a monster is, the higher chance it will drop a Soul of Fright.

Carnage Boosters can be purchased from our store to globally increase the Soul of Fright drop rates for a limited time.


Halloween Crate

The Halloween Crate is back, featuring the popular Exceedingly Rare Wraith Mount and Super Rare Phantom Cloak, along with many entirely new items. You can get keys all the usuals ways (our store, /bshop, and /vshop), and also from daily Carnage rewards!

Halloween Tags

We've added 47 spooky Halloween-themed chat tags to unlock! They work a bit differently this year: instead of a Halloween Tag Crate, all 47 tags can be earned through the Halloween Carnage (and possibly another event coming up later in the month!). Complete daily Carnage goals and missions to unlock two tags each day.

Murder Mystery

There has been a murder at Old Grove Mansion Community! You are a detective investigating the murder. On October 31st, 2023, Aubie2002 was killed in his residence by another citizen of the mansion community. Travel back one month in time to October 1st and find the clues that point towards the killer. Find the clues, make a story, for a killer is within! More info in #announcements on our discord.

Coming Soon: Trick-or-Treat Race

Keep an eye out later this month for another Halloween event: Trick-or-Treat Races. This periodical event will include going from house-to-house in the Spawn world, trick-or-treating, with the best rewards going to fastest candy gatherers! But watch out, a few houses will be handing out tricks...

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