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Halloween Carnage


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The annual Halloween Carnage event is here - slay spooky monsters in the Cemetery at Spawn (/cemetery) to get Souls of Fright which can be spent on exclusive rewards in /carnage shop. The Carnage will last 4 weeks, ending on November 1st. Each week will be a stage with new mobs, rewards, and Carnage shop items. There is also a Carnage leaderboard (/carnage top) this year to reward the top Carnage killers of each stage and each day throughout the Carnage.

Souls of Fright

Every time you kill a monster in the Cemetery during the Halloween Carnage, there's a chance that it will drop a Soul of Fright. These souls can be spent on exclusive halloween-themed rewards in /carnage shop. The more challenging a monster is, the higher chance it will drop a Soul of Fright.

Carnage Boosters can be purchased from our store to globally increase the Soul of Fright drop rates for a limited time.


Carnage Shop

Check out the Carnage Shop in-game with /carnage shop. Here you'll find exclusive halloween-themed items, most of which are only available from the Carnage shop.

Carnage Leaderboard

View the Carnage leaderboard in-game with /carnage top. Every Carnage monster you kill will add points to your score and increase your place on the leaderboard. At the end of each day of the Carnage, the three players with the highest score of the day will be rewarded $250,000 and 16 Souls of Fright. At the end of each stage, the top three will earn $1,000,000, two exclusive chat tags, and two exclusive personalized items. The players in 4th-9th place will also earn money, an exclusive tag, and exclusive item. The tags and items will be different for each of the four stages of the Carnage.

Carnage Community Goals

Similar to Mule Week and other weekly events, the Halloween Carnage has community goals. Every 50,000 Carnage Points earned, a random community goal reward is selected.



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