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Fishing Suggestions


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New Diamond Fishing Crate
Diamond Fishing Crate%
Mystery Key1
Vote Tokens 2-35
100.000 Fishing XP Jackpot5
School of Tropical Fish (7-18 in the wild)5
Chum Bucket5
Netherite Scrap 2-35
Enchanted Apple 2-310
Frog Spawn Egg10
Dolphin Spawn Egg10
God fishing Rod (worse than Chuck)1
Wither Skull5
Stack of Salmon10
2 Stacks of Cod10
Netherite Ingot5
Slimeballs 7-124

Trade-Ups of Fishing Crates (much like voter keys)
8x Wooden = 1 Iron Crate
8x Iron Crates = 1 Golden Crate
8x Golden Crates = 1 Diamond Crate

Daily/Weekly Fishing Challenges (Maybe NPC w Questline?)
A fisherman questline that follows the chronical of Chuck as he requests certain fishing related items in order to complete the master fisher title.
Along with that, daily and weekly challenges with goals like :
Catch 9 stacks of Cod
Catch 16 Tropical Fish
Fish up 5 gold crates

Fishing Booster
Possible Shop Fishing Selling price booster? Or have the travelling dealer take fish?
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