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Fallen Recruitment


New Member
In-game Name: Rwinde_

Age: 14

Drug Rank: kinping

Donator Rank: none

Online Time (/ot): 105 hours

Previous Factions: Some random one

Reasons you left: the leader was dumb

Why we should accept you over others: I can grind a lot and help with things like farming

What are you good with (exp: Building Farms, Cannoning, Mules): I'm decent at things like building farms and PvP
Approved contact me PatrioticCross#0342


New Member
In-game Name: axzdbd

Age: 14

Drug Rank: Junky

Donator Rank: none

Online Time (/ot): 1hr

Previous Factions:N/A

Reasons you left: N/A

Why we should accept you over others: I am a very hardworking and dedicated player. I am mostly very active and though I am fairly new, I am very interested to know about this community and the server.


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I change my mind I don't want to be apart of a faction that for 1 makes people trench and 2 has leadership issues
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