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Recruitment Template:
IGN: FraLimi
Time-zone: GMT+
Game Rank: RASTA
Donor Rank: VIP+
Online Time (/ot): 139hours
Previous Factions & Why you left: haven't been in a faction
Faction Skills (Redstone, walls, cannons, etc.): Mostly farming and little bit of everything else
Positive Qualities about yourself: Normal human being, communicative, helpful and an adult



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About DinoNuggies

DinoNuggies is a new 2022-2023 map faction, unlike other large factions this wipe we aren't going to demand labor in order to stay in the faction or have a spot in it, we welcome new and old players alike and wish for everyone to have a great MCD experience. During the beginning of the faction we will be mainly building base (so for about a week there won't be entirely too much PVP and raiding going on), however we will be more raid and PVP active as we grow larger as a faction. Our main goal as a faction is to create a community where everyone is welcome and everyone enjoys playing together. In order to make sure the quality of our recruits meet this standard we do have some requirements that are fairly easy to obtain. These requirements are not set in stone however so if you don't meet them feel free to apply as we look into every candidate closely.

· We would like you to have at least 24 hours of /ot
· We would like you to be at least Trafficker rank (In any wipe)
· We would like you to not have an extensive /history (mutes, kicks, and warns are OK as long as they aren't for crazy reasons)
· We would prefer if our members didn't start major problems with other factions in chat or otherwise
· We would like a high discord presence from all of our members (VC is not required to speak in, but we need regular communication)

Recruitment Template:
Game Rank:f
Donor Rank:N/A
Online Time (/ot):prolly 30 hours
Previous Factions & Why you left: balls faction just wasnt a good one
Faction Skills (Redstone, walls, cannons, etc.): i have good redstone
Positive Qualities about yourself:i have a big penis and like selling drugs in minecraft

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IGN: _JxR_
Time-zone: HST / EST (Part time resident of Hawaii and New Jersey)
Game Rank:
Donor Rank:
Online Time (/ot):
4 hours on the dot. Just started playing again after taking a four year break. In total online time since last playing, at least 250-500 hours.
Previous Factions & Why you left:
Honestly, I can't remember the name of the faction I used to be in. Was a very long time ago.
Faction Skills (Redstone, walls, cannons, etc.):
I used to be pretty decent at building farms and bases, but since taking a 4+ year break from Minecraft, I'll need to re-up most of my skills seeing as I've lost the touch of many things.
Positive Qualities about yourself:
I like to play on my free time, which is at night after work or on my days off. I also enjoy making bonds with other players, especially when we have similar attributes. I'm loyal to the faction or friends I play with, and won't backdoor anyone for any reason. I will always put other people before myself.


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IGN: rocheyboi96
Time-zone: BST (British summer time)
Age: 25
Game Rank: Grower
Donor Rank: None
Online Time (/ot): 34
Previous Factions & Why you left: Tog i made as a starter then disbanded as no point in being alone.
Faction Skills (Redstone, walls, cannons, etc.):Base building i can do for hours improving/upgrading ect
Positive Qualities about yourself: Im friendly and gets tasks done when asked upon.

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