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2024 Season


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The 2024 Season is here! This post will be a quick overview of the major changes, see the new season changelog for a more in-depth list.

The new map will open at 5PM EST (when this post is an hour old).

Before getting into the changes, I'd like to thank everyone who helped out with everything that went into the new map. Planning, building, and testing the new map and all the major changes took hundreds of hours, and it couldn't have been done without lots of help!

The New Spawn

This year, we revamped the popular 2021 Spawn world. With an entirely new spawn building, and many other areas changed, we've given it a fresh feel. We've updated many areas to take advantage of the many new mechanics since 2021.

New Chems and Dealer Mechanics

We've added two new base chems: Globerrium (Glow Berries) and Sweeberrium (Sweet Berries). Along with this, we've overhauled most of the existing chem compounds, and added a bunch of new one. Mushrooms are no longer a chem, and any compounds using them have been removed.

We've made some changes to Chem Dealers as well. The dealers in coloured neighbourhoods (e.g. Red Dealer, Purple Dealer, etc.) will now periodically move to a different location in the area. Similarly, the Traveling Dealer will now actually walk around an area, rather than standing in one spot.

World Changes

We've made some big changes to the Factions world (now the Underworld), and renamed the Town world to the Overworld.

❗This section will go into a bit more detail than the rest, but make sure to read it, it's important!

The Overworld

The Town world has been renamed to the Overworld. That's about the only change made to this world - everything else there works the same as last season.

As promised, this world is carried over from last season. However, to keep things fair, the world has been "cleansed", which included:
  • Clearing all stored items.
  • Removing any entities that can hold items (item frames, chest minecarts, allays, foxes, etc.)
  • Removing all crops.
  • Replacing farmland with coarse dirt, and sand/dirt beneath sugar cane and cactus with sandstone.
  • Removing several valuable blocks.
We triggered cleansing for most of the towns already, but some unclaimed areas may have been missed. These will be cleansed as soon as you enter the area. If you see your farm vanish in front of you, this is why! Don't worry though, this cleansing will only happen once for an area. Anything new will be safe.

The Underworld

The Underworld will be replacing the Factions world. Like the Factions world, it is intended for large-scale and automatic farms, as you can use chunk hoppers here. Instead of Factions, the Underworld has Companies, an entirely new team system that integrates much better into other aspects of the server. The biggest change is that the Underworld has no raiding or PvP. This is a big change, but one we feel necessary. Our goal is to shift the primary competition between groups away from raiding and PvP, and towards economical and chem/cop competition. You can still get your fill of raiding and PvP in the Raid world, see more about that below.


Companies work a lot like Factions, and anyone familiar with Factions commands will have no problem. There are a few things to note:
  • Company member limit remains at 15.
  • Company land has daily upkeep, based on the number of chunks claimed and the number of upgrades the company has.
    • Companies can collect automatic daily dues to pay this upkeep.
    • Make sure to pay your upkeep, or all crops in your land will freeze!
  • Nearly all company commands work cross-world. For example, you can teleport to your company home or warps, use company chat, and manage your company, all from Spawn or the Overworld.
  • All crop types now have upgrades, which can be unlocked in /c upgrades

Company Leaderboard

A major addition with Companies is the Company Leaderboard. This leaderboard tracks the chem and police performance of each company as a whole. There's four leaderboard tiers, in which companies can ascend or descend based on their performance. Stay in a top tier for the best rewards!

Company leaderboard rewards include Company Credits, which can be spent in /c shop for company-wide rewards and perks.

Check out the Company Leaderboard in-game with /c lb.

The Company system was written entirely from scratch, and while it was tested extensively, there's always a possibility for bugs. If you experience any issues, please open a bug report in the Discord.

There's much more we want to do with Companies, expect regular updates and additions!

The Raid World

The Raid world will be launching some time in June, after everyone has had some time to get used to the new Company mechanics. With the Underworld having no raiding, the Raid world will be the place to compete with other companies in a more traditional factions sense.

It will be a raid-focused world, with three tiers of "outposts". Companies can raid these outposts to claim them for themself, granting boosts and perks in other areas of the server to the whole company.

There are a ton more changes this season, check out the new season changelog for a more in-depth list.

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