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2023 Reset Announcement


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The 2023 MCLabs reset will be on Friday, May 5th!

2023 Map Reset
  • On May 5th, we'll be resetting the server and transitioning to a new map. This means a new Spawn world and fresh Town and Faction worlds. More about these below.
  • All player progress on the current map will be reset (but it is still worthwhile to continue playing this map, keep reading about the Reset Fund below!) This means everything, including ranks, money, mcMMO skills, etc.
  • Store ranks, MCLabs gold, and nicknames will be carried over to the next map. This includes temporary ranks, too. The rank transfer system will open a couple weeks before the reset so that everyone gets their rank as soon as possible when the new map opens. Stay tuned in our Discord for more info about rank transfer.
  • Other store items (keys, boosters, pit time, etc.) will not be carried over - use them before the reset!
  • Store loyalty points will carry over to the next map.
  • Bans and other punishments will be cleared for every player. Blacklist bans, however, will not be lifted. Along with blacklists, permanent bans that are given close to the reset will carry over fourteen days into the next map.

2023-2024 Map Info
This is our first map reset since the rebrand from MCDrugs to MCLabs, and along with it we're making some unique changes to better fit the theme. Don't worry, though, the core gameplay and server personality will stay the same. Here's a general idea of what to expect:
  • A new world structure. Instead of the Wild and Farm worlds, there will be the Town world (with Towny) and the Factions world (with Factions). These two worlds are geared towards casual and competitive players, respectively. We'll be giving more info on these worlds leading up to the reset!
  • A spawn world with far more interesting and dynamic routes and dealers, built on the foundation of the popular 2018 Spawn.
  • A complete overhaul of the police system.
  • A complete overhaul to Mastery.

Why Do We Do Resets?

Many newer players express disappointment when they find out that the map is going to reset, and that we don't keep the same map forever. However, there are many good reasons why we do annual resets:
  • Rresets create a fresh start on an even playing field for all players.
  • Resets bring back many players that left after getting bored of the server, rekindling the community.
  • Resets lead to increased player counts that help increase server visibility and attract new members to the community.
  • Resets offer us a chance to make substantial changes to the server that will only work on a fresh map (such as a new spawn world, new major mechanics, etc.)
If you feel upset knowing that the reset will wipe the progress you've made, keep in mind that you'll still have your experience and knowledge of the server, giving you the upper hand on the new map. Along with this, your work during the remainder of this map can earn you rewards next map through the Reset Fund.

Reset Fund
The Reset Fund is returning again this year. It is a great way to turn your work and progress on the current map into rewards on the next map. Here's how it works:
  • Your Reset Fund will be open from now until three days before the reset (May 2nd).
  • View your Reset Fund and deposit money with /rf (you can not withdraw from the Reset Fund)
  • Reset Fund balance does not transfer into next map - you will not receive your Reset Fund balance next map.
  • The total deposits of other players is not visible, but you can see a rough idea of where you are in the leaderboard.

The 25 players who contribute the most to their Reset Fund will be rewarded with:
  • Their head in the spawn building on the new map, displaying their rank in the Reset Fund and total contributed.
  • Their choice of one chat tag to transfer to new map (excluding custom, max rank, and founder tags) Select this tag before Reset Fund closes with /rf tag <tagid>.
  • Their skin on the Loyalty Dealer.
  • Two 20-minute 2.0x global choice chem price boosters at the start of the new map.
  • plus all rewards awarded to the top 40 players (see below)
The 40 players who contribute the most to their Reset Fund will be rewarded with:
  • Access to the location of the Loyalty Dealer on the new map
    • A dealer that moves to a new location after each sale.
    • Gives a selling price, prestige progress, and leaderboard score bonus.
    • Anyone can sell to this dealer, but only the top 40 Reset Fund players get access to the commands to see its current location and track it.
  • One 20-minute 2.0x global choice chem price booster at the start of the new map.

Along with the placement rewards, anyone that deposits more than $25,000,000 into their Reset Fund will be rewarded with:
  • A personalized Reset Fund set, containing a sword, unbreakable tools, and unbreaking IV armour with the player's name and Reset Fund contribution amount.
  • An item customization bundle, including an item rename tag, item stat track tag, and three item lore tags.

And finally, anyone that deposits more than $10,000,000 into their Reset Fund will be rewarded with:
  • A Reset Fund trophy item.
  • A unique chat tag next map displaying their total contribution to this map's Reset Fund.

The Reset Fund will close on May 2nd when the first stage of The Purge begins.

Founder Bundles
The 2023 Founder Bundles are now available on our store!

Founder Bundles are the best way to support our work and development of the new map, and earn you a ton of rewards, including your NPC in the new spawn, an exclusive Founder chat tag personalized with your Founder number, your own piece of lore in the new spawn and chat reaction on the new map, tons of crate keys, and much more! Pre-order your Founder Bundle before May 5th and earn rewards throughout the remainder of the current map alongside the rewards at the start of next map.
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i used to play the OG intoxicated back in 2011. i have been wanting to play a drug server like it for a while now and it looks like i have found the place

one recommendation i have is the addition of CTP. i think it adds an exciting aspect to this type of server as it did to Intox

PVP and raiding being incentivized is always fun and fresh

just a recommendation, really excited to join in and start playing on the server

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