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Updated recruitment page for Alcatraz!


If you don't meet the requirements, don't hesitate to apply as you will still be considered.

-We would like you to have at least 40 hours of online time. Use /ot to check.

-We would like you to be at least Dealer rank.

-Having Discord is a requirement as it is one of our main channels of communication.

-Be 16 years or older

-Do not have any major adverse relations with anyone.


Please fill out this template upon applying to ALCATRAZ and it will be reviewed by myself as soon as possible.

Ingame Name:


Time Zone:

Drug Rank:

Online Time (/ot):

Do you have discord (if so what is it):

Is this your first map on MC-Drugs (if no, please specify):

Previous Factions:

Reasons you left:

What do you want from us as a faction:

Contact merry_muffin in game if you have any queries
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10-15 hours/week
discord: Fin#4718
sort of, ive played before i dont remember when tho
just a team to work and grow with!


Retired Staff
Retired Staff
2021 Gold Founder
Prestige 2 I think
Ot = too much
Discord: (unreleased cuz it’s hella private)
Map: nah fam dis ain’t my first map I’ve been crippin with the lads for 2 ish years now and never betraying the homies till I die
Previous faction: FCS and Eden and 4h and Random
I left cuz I outgrew them all mainly my huge fallout with the player known as trapstar cuz u know I was reppin the gang you know wuddup. Turned out my crew member trapstar was fake as hell yo. I aint never gang bangin with trapstar again this shit gay as hell. I see that lil snitch again imma pop out on him like pow pow pow. Fuckin ops dont know what im reppin.
What I want from u as a faction: ur first born would do, but I also require you creeper spawners and an instant promotion to co leader. Also I plan to hella beef with Eden and fcs especially trapstar.


Ingame Name: MonsterBlackIce

Age: 25

Time Zone: CST -600

Drug Rank: Mass Producer

Online Time (/ot): 80+ Hours

Do you have discord (if so what is it): Yes, MonsterBlackIce#8480

Is this your first map on MC-Drugs (if no, please specify): No I have been playing since 2013/14

Previous Factions: Don't honestly really remember

Reasons you left: Map Reset / Kicked because inactive due to work ( I do traveling work )

What do you want from us as a faction: People to play with that's about it.
Ingame Name: Benthebeast3377


Time Zone: Central standard time

Drug Rank: Drug baron

Online Time (/ot): It says 24 hours but this is my third or fourth map

Do you have discord (if so what is it):Derk527#7866

Is this your first map on MC-Drugs (if no, please specify): No third or fourth

Previous Factions:none

Reasons you left:none

What do you want from us as a faction: TBH I want a faction with a lot of power because I want to make a massive farm and not have to worry that someone will take it and I have a shop

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