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Main Kits
Rank Kit Name Items Cooldown
Default (Junky) Seeds 16x Cactus, 16x Wheat Seeds, 16x Beetroot Seeds, 16x Cocoa Beans, 16x Carrots, 16x Potatoes, 16x Nether Wart, 16x Sugar Cane, 16x Chorus Flower, 16x Red Mushroom, 16x Brown Mushroom, 16x Pumpkin Seeds, 16x Melon Seeds 4 Hours
Default (Junky) Food 32x Cooked Beef 4 Hours
Default (Junky) Junky Iron Sword (Unbreaking 1), Iron Pickaxe (Unbreaking 1), Iron Shovel (Unbreaking 1), Iron Axe (Unbreaking 1), Iron Hoe (Unbreaking 1), Fishing Rod (Unbreaking 1), 64x Cooked Beef, 1x Oak Boat, 16x Torches
Junky Armor Set (Projectile Protection 2, Protection 1, Unbreaking 1 (Helmet is Unbreaking 3))
4 Hours
Intern Farm Iron Hoe (Unbreaking 1), 128x Dirt, 128x Sand, 2x Water Bucket 1 Day
Scaffolding 64x Scaffolding 8 Hours
Blocks 128x Stone 4 Hours
Caving Iron Pickaxe (Efficiency 1, Unbreaking 3), 16x Cooked Beef, 128x Torches, 1x Chest 8 Hours
Boats 4x Dark Oak Boat 4 Hours
Fishing Fishing Rod (Luck of the Sea 1, Lure 2, Unbreaking 2) 12 Hours
Dyes 8x Bone Meal, 8x Light Gray Dye, 8x Pink Dye, 8x Magenta Dye, 8x Red Dye, 8x Purple Dye, 8x Lapis Lazuli, 8x Cyan Dye, 8x Light Blue Dye, 8x Lime Dye, 8x Green Dye, 8x Yellow Dye, 8x Orange Dye, 8x Cocoa Beans 12 Hours
Chemist 16x Glass Bottles, 1x Brewing Stand, 16x Nether Wart, 16x Blaze Rods, 1x Dragons Breath, 16x Gunpowder, 8x Sugar, 8x Redstone, 8x Glowstone Dust, 8x Golden Carrots, 8x Glistering Melon Slice, 1x Rabbit Foot, 2x Brown Mushroom,
1x Water Bucket, 8x Ghast Tears, 1x Phantom Membrane
12 Hours
Rockets 128x Firework Rockets 8 Hours
Water 8x Water Buckets, 8x Ice, 2x Sponges, 2x Magma Blocks, 2x Soul Sand 12 Hours
Glass 64x Glass, 64x Glass Pane, 32x Glass Bottles 4 Hours
Director Autofarm 1x Slime Block, 8x Observer, 8x Redstone Lamp, 4x Magma Blocks, 32x Redstone, 8x Repeaters, 8x Redstone Torches 1 Day
Prestige 1 Technician Runner 1x Invisibility Potion (8:00), 2x Speed 2 Potions (1:30) 4 Hours
Prestige 1 Chemist
Fuel 128x Blaze Rods, 32x Coal Blocks 12 Hours
Prestige 2 Technician
Cannon 1x Smooth Stone Slab, 4x Stone Buttons, 8x Repeaters, 32x Redstone, 2x Ice, 32x TNT, 64x Stone Bricks, 2x Pistons 1 Day
Prestige 2 Chemist Seeds2 64x Chorus Flowers, 64x Sugar Cane, 64x Nether Wart, 64x Potatoes, 64x Carrots, 64x Cocoa Beans, 64x Beetroot Seeds, 64x Wheat Seeds, 64x Cactus, 64x Pumpkin Seeds, 64x Melon Seeds, 64x Brown Mushrooms, 64x Red
8 Hours
Prestige 3 Technician
Food2 32x Golden Carrots 4 Hours
Prestige 3 Chemist
Logs 64x Oak Logs 4 Hours
Prestige 4 Technician
Prestige 1 Corporal
Boots Leather Boots (Frost Walker 1), Diamond Boots (Feather Falling 3) 1 Day
Prestige 4 Chemist
Prestige 1 Commander
Ladders 32x Ladders 4 Hours
Prestige 5 Technician
Prestige 2 Corporal
Tools Golden Pickaxe (Efficiency 6, Unbreaking 4), Golden Axe (Efficiency 6, Unbreaking 4), Golden Shovel (Efficiency 6, Unbreaking 4) 8 Hours
Prestige 5 Chemist
Prestige 2 Commander
Blocks2 64x Red Concrete, 64x Yellow Concrete, 64x Lime Concrete, 64x Obsidian 4 Hours
Prestige 6 Technician
Prestige 3 Corporal
Fuel2 576x Blaze Rods, 128x Coal Blocks 12 Hours
Prestige 6 Chemist Farm2 128x Jungle Logs, 128x Soul Sand, 64x Nether Wart, 64 Cocoa Beans 1 Day
Prestige 7 Technician
Prestige 3 Commander
PVP Diamond Sword (Sharpness 4, Unbreaking 2), Diamond Armour Set (Protection 2, Unbreaking 2), Bow (Power II, Unbreaking II), Arrow 64x, Enderpearl 8x, Steak 64x 12 Hours
Prestige 7 Chemist
Prestige 4 Corporal
Storage 16x Oak Signs, 16x Chests 4 Hours
Prestige 8 Technician
Prestige 4 Commander
Spy 1x Spyglass, 3x Invisibility Potions (8:00), 1x Leather Boots (Depth Strider 2) 12 Hours
Prestige 8 Chemist
Prestige 5 Corporal
Lights 32x Torches, 8x End Rods, 8x Sea Lanterns, 8x Glowstone 8 Hours
Prestige 9 Technician Buff 2x Splash Potion of Swiftness II (1:30), 2x Splash Potion of Regeneration (1:30), 2x Splash Potion of Strength II (1:30), 1x Splash Potion of Fire Resistance (8:00) 8 Hours
Prestige 9 Chemist
Master Prestige Cadet
Cannon2 64x Redstone Dust, 64x Obsidian, 4x Ice, 128x TnT, 16x Repeater, 8x Comparator, 8x Cobweb, 1x Leather Boots (Frost Walker 1), 16x Dispenser, 2x Piston, 4x Slime Block 1 Day
Prestige 10 Technician Farm3 128x End Stone, 32x Chorus Flowers 1 Day
Prestige 10 Chemist
Master Prestige Detective
Fuel3 704x Blaze Rods, 192x Coal Blocks 12 Hours
Master Prestige Assistant
Master Prestige Sergeant
Poseidon 1x Trident (Impaling 1, Loyalty 1, Unbreaking 3), 1x Golden Boots (Depth Strider 2, Unbreaking 5) 1 Day
Master Prestige Engineer
Master Prestige Commander
Brawl Diamond Sword (Fire Aspect 2, Sharpness 5), Iron Armor Set (Protection 6, Thorns 5), 32x Steak 12 Hours
Master Prestige Director
Master Prestige Commissioner
BoatsAndHoes 1x of each Netherite, Diamond, Iron, Golden, Stone, and Wooden Hoe
1x of each Oak, Spruce, Birch, Jungle, Acacia, and Dark Oak Boat
1 Day
Store Ranks
Rank Kit Name Items Cooldown
VIP Store Rank VIP Diamond Sword (Sharpness 1), Iron Pickaxe (Efficiency 2, Unbreaking 1), Iron Shovel (Efficiency 2, Unbreaking 1), Iron Axe (Efficiency 2, Unbreaking 1), 32x Cooked Beef, VIP Diamond Armor Set (Unbreaking 1) 1 Day
VIP+ Store Rank VIP+ Diamond Sword (Sharpness 2), Iron Pickaxe (Efficiency 3, Unbreaking 2), Iron Shovel (Efficiency 3, Unbreaking 2), Iron Axe (Efficiency 3, Unbreaking 2), VIP+ Diamond Armor Set (Protection 1, Unbreaking 1) 1 Day
MVP Store Rank MVP Diamond Sword (Sharpness 3), Iron Pickaxe (Efficiency 4, Unbreaking 3), Iron Shovel (Efficiency 4, Unbreaking 3), Iron Axe (Efficiency 4, Unbreaking 3), 32x Cooked Beef, MVP Diamond Armor Set (Protection 2, Unbreaking 1) 1 Day
MVP+ Store Rank MVP+ Diamond Sword (Sharpness 4), Diamond Pickaxe (Efficiency 1, Unbreaking 1), Diamond Shovel, Efficiency 1, Unbreaking 1), Diamond Axe (Efficiency 1, Unbreaking 1), 32x Cooked Beef,
MVP+ Diamond Armor Set (Protection 2, Unbreaking 2)
1 Day
MVP++ Store Rank MVP++ Diamond Sword (Sharpness 4, Fire Aspect 1, Unbreaking 3), Diamond Pickaxe (Efficiency 2, Unbreaking 2), Diamond Shovel (Efficiency 2, Unbreaking 2), Diamond Axe (Efficiency 2, Unbreaking 2), 64x Cooked Beef,
MVP++ Diamond Armor Set (Protection 3, Unbreaking 2)
1 Day
Cop Brewing Kits
Rank Kit Name Items Cooldown
Informant Brewing 1x Clock, 9x Glass Bottles 1 Day
Recruit Coffee 12x Cocoa Beans 1 Day
Cadet AppleJuice 6x Sugar 1 Day
Officer RootBeer 16x Wheat 1 Day
Detective Cappuccino 32x Cocoa Beans, 2x Milk Buckets, 8x Sugar 1 Day
Corporal Seltzer 32x Potatoes 1 Day
Sergeant HerbalTea 32x Grass (NOT GRASS BLOCKS!) 1 Day
Liuetenant BitterSeltzer 16x Potatoes, 12x Red Mushrooms, 12x Brown Mushrooms 1 Day
Colonel WaterBottles 32x Bottles of Water 1 Day
Commander AgaveJuice 24x Green Dye 1 Day
DeputyChief HoneyTea 6x Sugar, 2x Honey Bottles 1 Day
Chief Cola 32x Sugar 1 Day
Commissioner BouncingBrew 10x Sugar, 1x Rabbit Hide, 4x Gold Nuggets 1 Day
Prestige 1 Officer IcedCappuccino 32x Cocoa Beans, 2x Milk Buckets, 8x Sugar 1 Day
Prestige 1 Liuetenant SeamanSlurp 12x Kelp, 2x Lapis Lazuli 1 Day
Prestige 2 Officer MiningBrew 10x Carrots, 4x Bones, 6x Iron Nuggets 1 Day
Prestige 2 Lieutenant WaterBottles2 64x Water Bottles 1 Day
Prestige 3 Officer AppleCider 14x Apples 1 Day
Prestige 3 Lieutenant GrapeJuice 32x Nether Wart 1 Day
Prestige 4 Officer TonicWater 16x Potatoes, 4x Poisonous Potatoes 1 Day
Prestige 4 Lieutenant WheatgrassJuice 32x Wheat 1 Day
Prestige 5 Officer LifeforceBrew 4x Golden Apples, 12x Gold Ingots 1 Day
Prestige 5 Lieutenant GoldenAppleJuice 8x Golden Apples 1 Day