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MCLabs has several chem types, each with a different farming method and selling price. Understanding the creation process and price of each chem is the key to choosing which chem(s) to focus on.

Raw Chems

Raw chems are the vanilla Minecraft crops that are harvested. Some harvested items require one step of crafting to turn into the raw chem item, but most can be sold directly after harvesting.

Raw Chems
Chem Name Minecraft Name Former Name
Wheatium Wheat High Quality Weed
Potatium Potato PCP
Carrotenium Carrot Heroin
Nethwartium Netherwart Meth
Cocobium Cocoa Beans Tobacco
Betronium Beetroot Opium
Chorufrium Chorus Fruit Codeine
Cactium Cactus Green Weed
Melonium Melon Seeds DMT
Pumpkonium Pumpkin Seeds Ketamine
Shroomium-R Red Mushroom Red Shrooms
Shroomium-B Brown Mushrooms Brown Shrooms
Paprium Paper LSD
Sugrium Sugar Cocaine

Processed Chems & Non-Chem Ingredients

Processed chems are raw chems that take one more step to process. This can be either in the form of smelting a raw chem, or crafting it with a non-chem item. There are also some non-chem ingredients that cannot be sold, but are required for some combinations.

Processed Chems & Non-Chem Ingredients
Item Name Former Name How to Get
Cactinide THC Oil Craft Green Dye with Bonemeal
Cocobinide Fire-Cured Tobacco Smelt Cocoa Beans
Chorufrinide Processed Codeine Smelt Chorus Fruit
Butane Butane Purchase from /shop

Chem Combinations

Chem combinations are custom items that result from the combination of two or more chems, and sometimes other items. Chem combinations can be crafted in a crafting table, or made quicker in /lab (starting at Bioengineer rank).

Chem combinations are always quicker to sell, and can be worth more than the sum of the prices of their parts. The prices of combinations are based on the prices of the ingredients and their ratios, and may also have small price boost for extra steps like smelting and requiring ingredients that are combos.

Some combinations are more difficult to make than others. The Chem Lab gives each combination a difficulty rating out of 5.

  • Difficulty levels of 1-2 are considered "Beginner Chem Combinations". These are made of chems that are easy to farm, and the crafting is simple.
  • Difficulty levels of 3-4 are considered "Intermediate Chem Combinations". These can be more difficult to farm and craft, but usually sell for more.
  • A difficult level of 5 is considered a "Advanced Chem Combination". These take multiple ingredients, and may have multiple steps to obtain the final product, and are often the most valuable.
Chem Lab Outputs
New Formula Former Formula Ingredients Result Difficulty
Sugrated Carrotenide Speedball 1x Sugrium
1x Carrotenium
1x Sugrated Carrotenide 1/5
Betrompkinide Fentanyl 2x Pumpkonium
1x Betronium
1x Betrompkinide 1/5
Wheacactinide Weed Hybrid 1x Wheatium
1x Cactium
1x Wheacactinide 2/5
Nethcarronite Methball 1x Nethwartium
1x Carrotenium
1x Nethcarronite 2/5
Potwartinide Krokodil 1x Nethwartium
1x Potatium
1x Potwartinide 2/5
Cartatonide MDMA 1x Carrotenium
1x Potatium
2x Cartatonide 2/5
Trisugrated Wheanide New Compound 3x Sugrium
1x Wheatium
2x Trisugrated Wheanide 2/5
Betromelonide Xanax 2x Betronium
3x Melonium
2x Betromelonide 2/5
Broomcactide Mescaline 3x Shroomium-B
2x Cactium
2x Broomcactide 3/5
Melreshroomate Ayahuasca 3x Shroomium-R
2x Melonium
2x Melreshroomate 3/5
Sugwartinide New Compound 2x Sugrium
1x Nethwartium
2x Sugwartinide 3/5
Melcobinide New Compound 2x Melonium
1x Cocobinide
1x Melcobinide 3/5
Wheacobanite New Compound 1x Wheatium
2x Cocobium
1x Wheacobanite 3/5
Cactatonate New Compound 3x Cactium
2x Potatium
2x Cactatonate 3/5
Papcactinide New Compound 3x Paprium
2x Cactium
2x Papcactinide 3/5
Wheapaprinate New Compound 1x Triwheanide
2x Paprium
2x Wheapaprinate 3/5
Chowartusite Adderall 2x Nethwartium
1x Chorufrinide
2x Chowartusite 4/5
Chorumpkinate Lean 4x Pumpkonium
1x Chorufrinide
2x Chorumpkinate 4/5
Alkanized Wheatium THC Concentrate 1x Butane
8x Wheatium
4x Alkanized Wheatium 5/5