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2022 Map Reset Changelog

MCDrugs 2022 Reset

Progression Changes

  • Prestiges must now be unlocked.
  • Drug prestiges are unlocked by completing drug selling achievements.
    • Each raw drug has an achievement. A certain amount of that drug must be sold to complete the achievement.
    • The drugs can be done in any order.
    • Drug combinations count towards raw drug selling progression.
      • Mule jobs progress sales for both the mule and the supplier.
      • The amount that each get is the opposite of the job cut.
    • E.g. For a mule job with a 25% cut, with 1000 wheat, the mule will get 750 progress in selling wheat and the supplier will get 250.
    • Only 50% of total progress for each drug can come from posting mule jobs.
    • One prestige is unlocked for each drug achievement completed. All 14 must be completed to unlock Drug Lord Status.
  • Police prestiges are unlocked by completing contraband collection achievements.
    • A certain amount of contraband must be frisked from players.
  • Unlocked prestiges can be viewed with /prestige, and achievement progress can be seen with /prestige progress.

Rankup Reward Improvements

  • Every prestige rank now has rankup rewards, instead of rewards being given all at the start of the prestige.
  • Replaced Rankup Crate with Tier I, II, and III Rankup Packs.
    • Given to player on each rankup, they can be right-clicked to open instantly.
    • Includes many exclusive consumable items that will assist the player in growing and selling drugs.
    • The tier of the Rankup Pack depends on the price of the rankup.

Drug Selling Changes

  • Added Choice Boosters: Single-drug boosters that allow the player to choose which drug gets boosted.
  • A new dealer is unlocked at each DrugCartel rank, each giving +1.5% selling, up to +18% at Master Prestige DrugCartel.
  • The drug selling UI now shows the player's personal selling price, and the percent boost they are getting at that dealer.
  • Booster reminder messages are now condensed into a single message, displaying the highest all drug booster, and any individual boosters that have a multiplier higher than that all booster.


  • Greatly improved reliability of the drug muling system; requests are no longer lost.
  • Mules on duty now get a notification in chat when a new mule job is posted.
  • /mule jobs can now be used while off of mule duty to view the current jobs.
  • Jobs in the mule jobs UI now display the base value of the job (the amount the mule would get from selling at the default dealer) and are now ordered by value, with the most valuable jobs being at the top-left.
  • Suppliers can view all of their posted jobs and cancel untaken jobs with /mule supply
  • Mule jobs can be created directly from chests by using /mule chest <cut> while looking at a chest. A mule job is created with the first 35 stacks of drugs in the chest.
  • Mule job creators can now send a message to all mules currently running their jobs with /mule broadcast <message>
  • Mules can now direct-message their job supplier with /mule msg <message>
  • Mules now instantly fail jobs upon being arrested.

Lab Changes

  • All drug recipes can now be crafted in the crafting grid, without requiring a recipe.
  • Drug Lab is still a thing, but is now unlocked at MassProducer rank, and fewer drug formulas are rewarded throughout early ranks.
    • All drug lab recipes now compress (turn more than one stack of drugs into one stack).
    • Many drug lab recipe ingredients were changed to improve balancing.
    • Nicotine and cigarettes have been removed.
  • Drug Formulas are now bound to the player, and can no longer be traded. Drug formulas unlock the formulas directly, instead of giving a voucher.

Police and Jailing Changes

  • Overhauled the Police Ability Shop
    • Ability credits are now bound to the player, and can not be traded.
    • Abilities now have multiple prerequisites, creating a skill tree.
    • Ability Shop UI improvements.
  • Money from /listcops is now distributed among online cops.
  • Lowered the rank requirement to enroll into the police from Smuggler to Dealer.
  • Increased the time that a player is sent to jail for a full inventory of contraband from 3.8 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • Starting at first prestige, and every other prestige afterwards, DrugBaron gives the player reduced jail times (down to 2.3 minutes maximum at Master Prestige DrugBaron.)

Store Rank Changes

  • Store ranks (VIP, VIP+, etc.) no longer have their own dealers. Instead, they get a selling bonus at every dealer.
    • The bonus starts at 2% for VIP, and increases by 2% for each rank up to 10% at MVP++. This bonus stacks with dealer multipliers, drug boosters, and any other bonuses the player has.
  • Store ranks no longer grant a set amount of homes. Instead, they now give the player additional homes on top of their current maximum.
    • VIP: +1 home
    • VIP+: +1 home (+2 total)
    • MVP: +2 homes (+4 total)
    • MVP+: +2 homes (+6 total)
    • MVP++: +3 homes (+9 total)

Chunk Hoppers

  • Crop hoppers have been replaced with chunk hoppers.
  • Chunk hoppers collect all items dropped within the chunk.
  • Can be linked to containers (chests, dispensers, etc), and for each container an item whitelist can be defined, causing the hopper to only move the specified items into the container.
  • Can be upgraded, increasing the transfer speed, chunk radius, and max container links.


  • Added lawyers, giving a chance to get out of jail early for a fee.
  • A new lawyer is unlocked each prestige at MassProducer, offering higher chances of success.
  • Starting at second prestige, players get a free lawyer use with a 120 minute cooldown. Every other prestige afterwards, DrugBaron rank reduces the cooldown by 15 minutes, down to 30 minutes at Master Prestige DrugBaron.

Smuggle Flights

  • Starting at Smuggler rank, players can use /smuggle to get teleported directly to the Smuggle Dealer, which has a 1.5x multiplier.
  • Starts with a 90-minute cooldown, and is reduced by 6 minutes per prestige to a minimum of 24 minutes at Master Prestige Smuggler.


  • Starting at KingPin, players can create bribe offers with /bribe.
  • Bribes have a chance to succeed, teleporting the player directly to the default dealer.
  • If a bribe fails, the player loses their drugs and goes to jail. The value of the drugs is split among the police currently on duty.
  • The cost of a bribe depends on the value of drugs in the player's inventory, starting at 60% of the value, and decreases at each Kingpin rank down to 38% at Master Prestige Kingpin.
    • The bribe payment is split among the police currently on duty.
  • The success chance of the bribe can be increased for a higher bribe cost. The max success chance starts at 75% and increases at each Kingpin rank to 92.5% at Master Prestige Kingpin.


  • Disabled TNT in Faction land for the first-week grace period.
  • Set the TNT bank max TNT to 13,824 (4 double chests).
  • Added Compressed TNT: 9x tnt can be crafted into 1x Compressed TNT.
    • Purely for storage; acts as regular TNT when blown up and deposited into TNT bank.

Crate Items

  • This map is launching with the Tool Crate, Favourites Crate, and Supply Crate I.
  • Jackhammer now has Haste II (making it roughly 25% faster).

Other Changes

  • Statistics and achievements now sync between worlds.
  • /fix cooldown is now synced between worlds.
  • Kit cooldowns are now synced between worlds.
  • Auction House now works between worlds.
  • Decreased all mount renting prices by 20%, and increased rent-to-own hours from 100 to 150.
  • Added Masters Hoe - Fortune 4, unbreakable hoe with Plow II (plows a 5x5 area)
  • All players can now mine Spawners with silk touch.
  • Increased alcohol selling prices by 30%.
  • Increased sushi selling prices by 25%.
  • Player's selected chat tag now syncs between servers.
  • Players can now favourite chat tags in the /tags UI.
  • Players can now use /tags random to enable a random tag from the ones they have.
  • Nearby faction member/allies no longer block genbucket usage.
  • Ignoring players now properly blocks them from messaging you, and hides their chat messages from you.