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Snowman's Cannoning club!

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So, I decided to start a "cannoning club" of sorts, where I teach people about all aspects of raiding on mcd!
It will cover everything from hybriding, clipping, c-egging and so on. This is designed to make MCD a more raid active community, instead of the towny shit show it is currently (No offence).

Classes are completely free, and will run for about half an hour starting at 10AM AEST (Australian eastern standard time), or roughly afternoon for North America. There will be a specific topic each week, which will be announced in a discord I will create. I will be completely open to any questions on the specific topic, and will happily assist anyone with an issue regarding a cannon of their own.

Happy to give personalised tutorials and raid assistance to people, 100k/15 mins (rounded up)

People of all skill levels can come along, just try and avoid being dicks to each other. First class will start 12/10/19. (11 for uneducated Americans)
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