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growing issue/old player


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been having an issue growing crops in overworld its takes hours instead of minutes now being pushed by mods (ig) to build in under world ive played this server for years, used to go by megamycal an remeber the very early days of this server an im just confused by the new mod/admins, there so un helpfull i still have my home at this issues since ive been second guessing buying a rank on this this server for the third time id like to see a real fix to my issue before moving forward


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From what I'm aware of, only you're having this issue with 'hour(s)' long crop grow times in the overworld, I guess it's not a claim issue like what was brought up, right? I just tested 3 different crop's and so far I'm getting success, if you don't mind, can you just list everything you've done already to try and get around this?

Edit: Some of these crops don't grow fast in general, I know the wheat will grow quick, some of these aren't fast though.
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In overworld the crop growth is vanilla speeds, in the past the farm worlds had a boosted growth speed, I can't remember the percent anymore but for last map, before the update to 1.20 it was boosted by ~80% in factions world but towny (what is now overworld) was vanilla growth speeds.

The only place that has less than vanilla growth speed is unclaimed underworld, which is about 1/4th the vanilla speed. Claimed and unclaimed overworld and claimed underworld before upgrades have the same growth speeds, claimed underworld has options for paying more upkeep for boosted speeds.

We don't use the forums much, only really for ban appeals these days, in the future you can have faster responses on the discord,

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