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Fan IMPROVED MCDrugs texture pack.

Hello, i have recently started playing the MCDrugs server, and i enjoyed it. Tho when i heard that there was a texture pack i was interested, but after a week of usage i learned that while this pack has added cool new icons and names, it wasn't really well made estetically! like the crops were just hued to blue and probably taken from a hd resourse pack, also it hasn't been updated to the 1.15 properly!
So as an artist i decided to do a favor to the comunity and worked 2 days to improve the pack and add some extras!

This texture pack is intergrated for 1.15 minecraft and up! If you use it in older versions the fixes down bellow will result in errors! still it's not a fatal mistake

The texture pack REQUIRES optifine due to the custom items in Druglab. Yet again not a fatal mistake if used without it, but will result in No druglab textures!

First of all to explain myself, i did not change the pack's contents, i just added and fixed some "updating' Errors in the meta files.

Ok so the forum wont let me upload pictures cause i'm new,
so heres all the stuff the texture pack has to offer!

  • Retextured Weed crop (wheat) with 7 stages
  • Retextured Nether Wart crop (meth) with 3 stages
  • Retextured Potato crop (PCP) with 4 stages
  • Retextured Carrot crop (heroin) with 4 stages
  • Retextured Beetroot crop (opium) with 4 stages
  • Retextured Weed item
  • Retextured Tobaco item
  • Retextured Weed Hybrid item! Difference from normal weed is red tint on leaves.
  • Weed hybrid icon FIXED in druglab. Texture code was poorly updated due to wrong item name. Now it apears in driglab on 1.15 and up.
  • Lether armor is retextured to a police uniform. Works with all colors!
  • Bale of weed texture changed to green!
  • Nether wart block name changed to Block of Meth and texture changed from red to blue.
  • Soulsand name is changed to Meth soil
  • Chorus flower name is changed to Codeine Flower
  • Unable to change Coco Puffs texture to it's intended one, item renaming may be causing the error.
  • Some of the paintings are parodied in the theme!
  • Texture pack icon changed with custom one.
  • Probably more things, but i did not write notes to follow my progress.

Extra content!
So for this surprise i wanna lay down some concerns about it. I do not mean to make fun of the artist who created the MCDrugs logo or if it's copyrighted in any ways, but i spared some time to draw a new one!
The old one was too
pacive as an artwork. It didn't showed the souls of the theme, atleast thats how i feel! I have nothing against the old one, and i respect your choice if you prefer the old one than mine, cause i know that mine may look more agressive. Your opinion will be taken well no mater what! The image is fully redrawn and made to be loyal to the old one's style!

Image cannot be posted due to "Spam laws" You can see it in the Zip file.

If you enjoyed my texture pack, i would be even happier if it manages to become the official one!
I spend 2 long days testing and drawing. Yet i did not made it to be a major one, but i did improvements and fixes that i think that are a must to have!

If you think you have suggestions for the pack itself, or have thing you dont like in it, i belive that we can work toghether to make it even better.

Download link:
All mods are welcomed to inspect me if i'm doing a suspicious act.


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Really cool, thanks for sharing :) I'm the one who made the current pack so to clear up the issues you spoke about - the pack is made for 1.13 as that is the version of the server and the one we recommend people play on, which is also why the pack is not updated beyond that (and will not be unless we update the server version in future maps). There are usually some item name and folder structure changes on Mojang's part when the update versions, which is exactly what happened between 1.13 -> 1.14 (unsure what has changed in 1.15), and is why some of the textures do not work above 1.13.

Admittedly the change to the crop colours on our pack was exactly what you said - a lazy recolour of a higher quality pack (faithful 32x to be exact), and was part of MCDrug's old texture pack. I decided to keep it for consistency to the old packs.

The changes to the police uniform are really cool as well, however if we were to release a pack that adjusted things like that I would separate it out from the drug pack personally. The Drug texture pack is meant to be minimal, I wouldn't want to overwrite too many things about other player's texture packs. Just from speaking to some of the playerbase in general I have found there are many people who are very picky about the way their textures look and wouldn't appreciate too many things being changed.

Holy crap that logo change, really excellent work :eek:
I would love a link to the pack you made to see what it looks like in-game :)


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That logo is sick... + respect


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This looks amazing really good job. As for not being able to post your link feel free to add it into your post im sure alot of players would love to use it.


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This is really great work. The spam filter is a bit strong, so if you DM me the download link, I can edit it into your post so other players can download it.

And that logo is fucking awesome, in my opinion way better than the original. I'd even consider switching to your version, with your permission. We can work out some kind of payment if you'd like, just DM me here on the website or on Discord to discuss.

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