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Invalid Glitching into PDC's Base From SlmPtt and Undisclosed faction


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Your IGN : PentaireRose
Player to be reported : SlmPtt AND UNDISCLOSED (Faction)
Player being reported Rank : MVP++
Describe your issue in detail : Our base is located on a corner, and when you try to go beyond the 7500 blocks, it teleports you into my base, being a glitch and Exploit. We have video-proof of SLMPtt using it, as well as logs of NO-TNT being used in the vault and no direct access to it, only from glitching. I have been killed in my own claims and my base has been destroyed (i have rebuilt part of it after the Glitch, BUT LOST A LOT while trying to figure out the situation). In the video, we have CALLED an admin, but they wanted me to make a ticket and did not do anything in game.
Why do you feel this is worth a report : Rule #1 + Exploit / Glitching / Cheating
Attached Evidence here :
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Due to this being an issue in previous maps staff, ruled that this is not considered an exploit. It is how the world border itself works and is a danger to consider when making a base at world border.

Report Invalid

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