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Another New Era


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As many of you know, last October we were forced by Mojang to rebrand from MCDrugs to a more child-friendly theme, MCLabs. Unfortunately, as many former drug servers have been following our lead and rebranding to chem servers, Mojang/Microsoft have tightened their restrictions and updated their EULA again, this time restricting servers that reference any type of chemical substances.

Because of this, we are forced to once again rebrand the server. After much deliberation, we have decided on a new theme: MCFrogs

The Frogs Theme
Making the server frog-themed might seem a bit crazy, but there are many reasons that frogs are the natural next step for the server. With the server updating to 1.19 next map, frogs will be a real entity in the game, so this is a perfect time to transition to a frog theme. Further, "Frogs" is only two letters off of "Drugs", so "MCFrogs" actually keeps the server closer to its roots, MCDrugs, than MCLabs did. Finally, frogs are pretty neat, who doesn't like frogs? Therefore, we figured that a frog theme would be the least controversial direction we could take the server.

Don't worry about the server changing too much! You'll still be able to farm crops, but instead of being themed as chems, they'll be themed as frog food for the new mechanic, frog farms.

Frog Farming
Frog Farming will be here soon, a new way to use your crops! Build your humble frog sanctuary up from a few tadpoles to an army. Instead of selling your crops, you can now feed them to your frogs, with each crop affecting the stats and health of the frogs in different ways. Take good care of your frogs and they'll sell for a high price on the frog black market, where nefarious individuals are looking to buy only the highest quality frogs in order to get high from licking them. But watch out, the MCLPD Frog Catchers patrol spawn, looking to take your hard-earned frogs to sell for themselves.

The Frogs
Since the server is still on 1.18, there are no frogs in the game yet. This is unfortunate, but don't worry, frog enjoyers, we have found a solution! Until we update to 1.19, YOU will be the frogs. When you join the server, you will be given a froggy fresh skin and a frog chat tag. Remember that you are now a frog, so please equip the tag and roleplay as such. To help you get into character, chat messages will now include random frog noises, and all chat reactions are now frog-themed.

Most of the things mentioned in this post are still in development - we're hoping to have everything released soon. This post is more of an update to let everyone know what's coming up, and that as of today, April 1st, the server is now MCFrogs. Check out our MCFrogs roadmap to stay up-to-date on the changes.

One last thing, there will be a ZERO-TOLERANCE POLICY for toads on the server. If you see any players roleplaying as toads instead of frogs, please notify us and we will blacklist them.

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