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2022 Map Reset


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The MCDrugs 2022-2023 map is finally here! The wait was a bit longer than normal, but it is worth it. This post will go into detail about some of the major changes we've made this map, but a quicker and less-detailed full list of what's new and improved can be found on the map reset changelog.

The new map will open when this post is one hour old. To get into the new map, join our IP You should be on version 1.18.2 for the best experience.

First, I'd like to thank everyone who helped plan, build, and test the new map. It's been a lot of work, and wouldn't have been possible without all the people who put in the time and effort - every bit of help was greatly appreciated.

The New Spawn

We've taken a completely unique approach with this year's spawn map. The Spawn has two distinct sides - the wealthy side and the slums - that are split in half by a wall. The spawn building is built into the center wall, placing players right in the middle of the map when they spawn. The only way to cross between the two sides is through the spawn building and spawn plaza. All of the drug dealers are in the slums, and almost everything else is on the wealthy side. This means that we now have warps to things like the casino, Fisher's Cove, Liquor Store, and many other places.

Since this year marks the 10th anniversary of the opening of MCDrugs, we wanted to include more nostalgic aspects in the spawn world than usual. Along with many completely new buildings and areas, you may notice that many parts of the spawn resemble areas of our previous spawn worlds as far back as 2014.

You can view the new spawn in detail on the dynamic map.

Beginning of The New Map

There will be a couple special conditions for the first week of the new map, to give everyone a fair chance to get established.

Grace Period

We have decided to start the map with a one-week grace period. All this means is that TNT will be disabled in Factions land for the first week of the new map. PvP and other raiding is still allowed, but putting walls around your stuff and claiming it is enough to protect it for the first week.


Like last map, 2.0x All Drug Boosters will not be available at the start of the map. They will be back on the store on June 4th.

The Pit

Like previous maps, The Pit will be closed for the first few weeks. It should be open again in early June.

Changes, Additions, and Improvements

We've made a ton of changes and improvements to existing features this year, and also introduced a few entirely new mechanics.

Rank Progression and Rewards

Prestige Unlocks

Progressing through the drug and police ranks is the core mechanic of MCDrugs, and we've made a lot of changes this map that focus on making this progression feel better and be more rewarding.

Last map, we introduced an additional cost to prestige. We've scrapped that idea entirely, and instead you must now unlock each prestige. Once you are RASTA of your current prestige, you can not progress until you unlock the next prestige. Prestiges are unlocked by completing prestige achievements. For drug prestiges, this means selling a specific amount of one of the types of drugs. For police prestiges, it means collecting a certain amount of contraband.

The drug selling prestige achievements are simple: your sales of each raw drug is tracked, and the number progresses each time you sell that drug. Each raw drug has its own goal, ranging from 100-875 inventories of that drug sold. When you sell a drug combo, you'll earn progress for each drug in that combo, based on the ratios it is crafted with. You can also earn progress by running and posting mule jobs. You can only earn 50% of the progress for each drug through posting mule jobs, you must run the rest yourself (either selling your own, or by doing other players' mule jobs).

For each achievement you complete, you will unlock one prestige. They can be done in any order. To unlock Drug Lord Status, you must complete the achievement of each of the 14 raw drugs.

Rankup Rewards

Along with making progression more involved, we have improved the rewards for ranking up.

Instead of getting a bunch of rewards when prestiging, and then no more rewards until the next prestige, rewards are now spread throughout the ranks within a prestige. Prestiging will still earn you the prestige rewards like prestige keys, a museum bust, and prestige signature entries, but the following ranks leading up to the next prestige now give rewards, too. These rewards include access to new dealers, more homes, additional mule job postings, drug recipe unlocks, and improvements for new mechanics and abilities like smuggle flights, lawyers, and bribes (keep reading for more info on these!).

In addition to rankup rewards being more regular, we've revamped the Rankup Crate system. Instead of getting Rankup Crate keys on each rankup, you now get a Rankup Pack. These packs come in three tiers, and the tier that you get is based on the price of the rankup. The packs contain items that we believe will be more useful to players, even at higher ranks.

Selling Drugs

A complete overhaul of the drug selling system.

Dealer Changes

We've made some changes to how drug dealers work, which should increase the value of the drug dealers unlocked by ranking up, as well as making gameplay more interesting for police.

Instead of there being an individual dealer for each store rank (VIP, VIP+, etc.) these ranks now get a selling bonus at every dealer (+2% for VIP, +4% for VIP+, up to +10% for MVP++). This means that the only dealers available to a player until they reach DrugCartel are the default dealer, prison dealer, and traveling dealer (and loyalty dealer for players who were in the top 25 of this year's Reset Fund). DrugCartel unlocks a new dealer at each prestige. This change should change how players sell their drugs, and motivate them to use new dealers when they are unlocked.


The muling system has been completely rewritten, aiming for improved reliability and additional much-requested features.

The issues with mule job requests not being sent or not being acceptable have been resolved, and cross-world muling should now work without issue.

Many improvements have been made for when a player is on mule duty. A chat message is now sent to on-duty mules when a new job is posted, including the value of the job, and can be clicked to open the jobs window. The jobs window now shows the value of each job, and orders the job by value.

Along with mule improvements, there are a bunch of improvements to the supply-side. Mule jobs can now be created directly out of a chest by looking at it and doing /mule chest <cut>, which will create a mule job with the first 35 stacks of drug items in the chest. The /mule supply command will display all of your untaken posted jobs, and each job can be cancelled, returning 80% of the drugs. You can send a message to all of the mules currently running your jobs with /mule broadcast <message>.

Drug Combos

Ingredient Changes

Many of the drug combos in druglab have been altered to improve balance. All drug combos now condense (turn more than one stack of ingredients into one stack or less of drugs) and some combos have different ingredients.

Hand-Crafting Combos

All drug combos can now be crafted in the inventory/workbench, without the need to have the drug formula. You'll find the recipes in your recipe book. Unfortunately due to Minecraft limitations, custom items do not work as ingredients when shift-clicking recipes from the recipe book, so combos like joints cannot be quick-crafted from the recipe book (as they use Rolling Papers as an ingredient), but you can still use the crafting book to see their recipe.

Druglab and Drug Recipe Unlocks

With all drugs being hand-craftable, we have decided to make drug lab a bit more of an exclusive "quick crafting" option. It is now locked until you reach the MassProducer rank, which rewards one drug recipe unlock (previously called drug formulas). Crafting works the same way as it did last map, simply click a drug in /druglab to craft it from the ingredients in your inventory.

Drug recipe unlocks are now more spread out throughout the ranks, meaning you will have to be near max rank before you have all recipes unlocked. Along with this, they are now bound to your account

Lawyers, Smuggle Flights, and Bribes

Three new mechanics to help you sell drugs quicker that get better as you rank up.

Lawyers and Jail Time

The maximum jail time (when arrested with a full inventory of drugs) has been increased from 3.8 minutes to 5 minutes. However, you now have access to lawers which, for a fee, have a chance of getting you out of jail early. A better lawyer is unlocked each prestige at MassProducer rank. Starting at Prestige 2 DrugBaron, you get a free lawyer use every 120 minutes, and the cooldown is reduced by 15 minutes every other prestige at DrugBaron. Along with lawyers, Prestige 1 DrugBaron and DrugBaron at every other prestige after gets reduced maximum jail time.

Smuggle Flights

Starting at Smuggler rank, you can use /smuggle to instantly sell your drugs to the Smuggle Dealer, which has a 1.5x multiplier (any other boosts or multiplier you have stack on top of this multipier). The command starts with a 90-minute cooldown, and the cooldown is reduced by 6 minutes every prestige down to 24 minutes at Master Prestige Smuggler.


Feeling lucky? Starting at Kingpin, take your chances with trying to bribe the MCDPD and get instantly teleported to the default dealer, for a fraction of the value of your drugs. You can increase your chances of success by increasing the bribe cost. If the bribe succeeds, the bribe money is split between all on-duty police and you get safely teleported to the dealer. If the bribe fails, you will lose the drugs and go to jail, and the police will get both the bribe money and money equal to the value of your drugs. The chances and cost of bribes improve every prestige at Kingpin.

Many More Changes

There are many more changes, adjustments, and fixes we've made with this new map, you can see them on the map reset changelog.

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